Weaving in lots of ends in a striped sweater

Unfortunately, instead of carrying ends for the striped sweater I’m working on, I cut them so now I have to weave them in. Is it better to weave them in on the edges which will be seamed or in the body of the sweater? I’ve made an attitude adjustment about this and will happily weave in the many ends as I watch Tiger golf…

I’ve heard they are less visible in the seams, but I haven’t tried it. I usually make seamless patterns. I hate weaving in the ends so I feel your pain. Not sure of the answer though as my weaving leaves a lot to be desired. :roll:

I sometimes weave ends into the seams, but depending on the yarn you’re using it could make the seams too bulky. I would keep it close to the edges if not in the seam so that the woven ends are less visible though.

Hmmm it’s really up to you… I would try the body if you can do it invisibly so you don’t get too much added bulk… but I guess it’s a personal thing. Maybe try both and see which you prefer?
If they go in the body you might prefer duplicate stitching them in even if you don’t normally. http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/FEATfall04TT.html