Weaving in ends!

How does everyone weave in their ends? For me, I find it to be the biggest pain, especially if I don’t do them as I go and have oodles of yarn to weave in. I never really paid any mind to the suggestion to leave a 6" tail and use a embroidery needle to weave it in…I guess I thought it was a waste of yarn!

But I would usually just use a crochet hook and weave the yarn under the garter bumps, but the needle is much faster.

And I’m not really sure how to weave in when crocheting either. I kind of just try to follow the yarn so it just over laps the single crochet, etc…

So what is everyone’s preferred method?

Here’s a good article about weaving in ends for knitting: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/FEATfall04TT.html

For crochet, I generally just weave ends through lots of stitches where it won’t show. Then I try to double back and weave the end through itself (which has already been woven through the stitches).

Yeah, dealing with ends is a pain, and I always save it for last 'cause I hate doing it.

I use the method the knitty article tells about sometimes but other things too and didn’t learn that method until I had been knitting a long time. I enjoy doing that one but don’t know that it is really any better than the older ones I know. It can effect the front of the fabric slightly, mostly just because it is double there and tends to show, and if you pull things to tightly it can dimple things up.

I often thread a needle with the yarn. One with a somewhat sharp point works nicely but a dull one will do. On the back side of St st I skim the needle through the purl bumps going only through part of the yarn strand. I usually work diagonally for about 1 1/2", stretch the back out a bit so that the yarn is relaxed (if that makes any sense) and cut it off. I often leave a quarter inch of yarn sticking out, especially if it is wool because I figure it will felt down after a while. You don’t have to leave any though, you can cut it off flush with the fabric.

If the back is the knit side or on ribbing I often run the needle through one side of a row of knit stitch legs, again skimming through the yarn. Finish up the same way as on the Rev St st side.

Nothing will show on the front side when you just divide the stitches with the needle. It works very well.