Weaving in ends

I’m working on a scarf that uses two different colors of yarn. I am doing it in k1 p1 ribbing and am wondering how I weave the ends in? Any tips? I looked through the videos and don’t think I saw one about that.


I still struggle with this…I suppose that’s why I like circular knitting so much! In any case, I found this to be a good article, with pictures to boot!


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That’s so great. Thanks Kate!!

I loved the article on weaving in the ends … it seems like a great method. I’m so new to this, that I haven’t really even gotten to the point where this is important yet, but I can see that what I’ve been doing on the little projects I’ve tried would slide out quite readily if I were to wash the items.

Another question I have – and this will prove to you how “green” I am – is: What do I do when I encounter a knot in the middle of a skein of yarn? And how long should I leave my yarn ends?



I have enjoyed using the Russian join technique for getting rid of those knots. It makes a little bit of a thick spot in the knitting, but on most of my projects that doesn’t matter. It’s a nice, secure join, and I have had better luck with it than with the “trim-and-spit” join (although YMMV). Here’s a link: http://www.knittinganyway.com/freethings/russianjoin.htm


I’m working on a two-colored scarf too. That is, I’m knitting with two strands of yarn at once, two different colors, to get a marled effect. The best way I have found to hide my ends is to thread both trailing ends at once onto a tapestry needle and then do the weaving in as usual. As long as you don’t create any long “straight lines” with the ends you’re weaving in, the effect will still look marled, just like the fabric.

If you’re doing two different colors in separate blocks, then just weave each end into the corresponding block of the same color.

Hope that helps!