Weaving in ends?

I’m working on my first project that requires joining in yarn of different colors (striped purse). Although I watched the KH duplicate stitch video, which includes a demonstration of weaving in ends, I still cannot seem to do it properly. Any pointers?

To make this easier to answer, I’m having trouble “following” my yarn in order to duplicate the stitches properly. As a beginner, I have not yet fully grasped the mechanics of my knitting. Any help would be great!

I actually have the same problem. I never know where to go with the tail.

Perhaps there are easy-to-read illustrations/diagrams out there that better explain the mechanics of the stitches and where the weaving needs to occur?

i’m not sure how to explain duplicate stitching and how to know where your needle goes. i just seemed to have an ‘aha’ moment one day and it clicked. sorry i can’t help.

Here’s a great article on weaving in ends.