Weaving in Ends

Hi all,

I understand the concept of weaving in ends, and have read a lot of books’ instructions and tried them, but it always turns out to have a.) a ridge where the yarn is woven in
b.) a weird lump and/or c.) little puffs where I cut the ends.
All this is particularly disturbing on a piece done in stockinette.

What am I doing wrong???:wall:

I use a crochet hook and weave everything through. I’ll pull the yarn kind of tight, then after I cut it I pull the project to loosen up the weaved in yarn. As far as having the lumps and ridges I don’t know how to help there. So far with everything I’ve made it hasn’t been an issue. But I haven’t made anything “reversable” that having the back look nice is a big deal.

Hope that helps at least a little bit.

Usually, when starting off I knit with both ends for a few stitches (I also sometimes do this when starting new skeins) or I use a “Russian Join” with two skeins in the body of the work. At the end with a loose tail I tend to do some duplicate like stitching as was explained in an issue of Knitty.


After washing in most cases lumps and bumps settle into the knitting and unless you really are looking for them are hardly noticeable.

Hi! I usually also knit with both strands for a few stitches. If I forget I use the duplicate stitch method of weaving, I think it might be explained in that knitty link , I also think Amy has a video for duplicate stitch which could help with the concept.

To avoid weaving a bunch of ends for striping etc. I just tried this method for the first time this weekend and really like it. I started a mitered square blanket that would have a ton of end to weave otherwise. My first couple of attempt were not perfect but they are hardly noticeable now.

in his last podcast sticks and strings guy david reidy described a technique which completely obviates any weaving in of end

look at sticksandstrings.com.au

au is important because there is a US site with the same name

Great ideas–thanks! The method on the site looks promising (I may actually be able to do it), and I’ll definitely check out the podcast.

Knitting with two strands at the beginning does help, but for some reason, I still get that ridge…:think: