Weaving in ends

How do you weave in ends invisibly on a reversible garment? I’m using a bamboo blend, so I can’t felt them. I’m making a version of Silver’s Palindrome.

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I usually take a tapestry needle an weave the ends in. This next part is considered cheating in the kntting world but I always worry about non feltable yarn coming loose so I use a tiny dab of fray check to hold the end of the yarn in place. For this, I would probably go up the side edge of the scarf.

Post pictures when you’re finished!

What st pattern are you using? If stockinette, you can work the ends in dupe st on either side and that’s virtually invisible. I use this all the time on scarves…which are essentially reversible.


what’s fray check? i use either a tapestry needle or a crochet needle myself to weave in my ends but this fray check as got me interested.

I also use Fray Chek (liquid that locks loose threads). As seamstress for decades, it’s a ‘must have.’ Just make sure to use it very sparingly!


Fray check! That will be perfect. I weave in my ends as I go by knitting a few stitches with the old tail and new yarn held together, and on the following row knit with the “new” yarn tail and the new yarn. I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile: However, I still have a little bit of a “tail” and I was hoping to hide it. I think nailing my tails with fray check should do it.

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where do you purchase fray chek?

Fray Check is probably with the sewing notions – JoAnns or Michaels will have it, and maybe even Walmart.

thanks i’ll have to check it out