Weaving in ends

I have a question about weaving in the ends of your yarn. Do you weave in the yarn and then tie a knot in it and cut it or do you weave in and then cut the yarn close to your stitches. I am always worried that even if I weave in a lot of yarn it will still work its way out.
I hope my question makes sense!


i just weave it in and then cut it. Some people cut very close, others leave a fair tail, but it’s up to you. I haven’t had any problems with the yarn coming out, and if it does poke through to the front, just push it back through to the back.

[color=indigo]After pondering the question of “what to do with the end” for some time, I finally realized that no matter which method you use to finish up the last strand, there will always be an … end … remaining.


I rarely tie knots. They just seem to be less appealing. Most yarns seem to be fine with the weaving, but cotton is a pain in the neck. I’ve only made dishcloths with it, but if I made a garment I might use thread and tack it a bit. With other yarns I leave a 1/2 tail or so.

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