Weaving in Ends

Not sure why this is occuring to me 9 months into knitting… but-

do you weave your ends completely under a stitch OR do you weave through the ply of the stitch? (Does that make sense)

I was taught to weave the ends completely under the stitches on the wrong sides, but have been finding that if I weave through the yarn itself (into the plies of fiber) the tails stay in place much better. Is there any harm in doing this?

I do that sometimes to, especially the last few stitches. There’s no harm as long as it doesn’t create a lump or something.

I use one of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s methods where you seperate your end into its respective plies and use a sharp needle to skim through the fabric. It’s practically invisible as far as I’ve been able to tell.

Aidan, can you explain that more? I don’t think I am getting it. So you seperate the plies and weave them seperately?

Yes. You seperate the plies and then you put a single ply on a sharp needle and then you just skim through your work in any direction you like, taking care not to go too deep or stay to shallow. You should be able to look on the opposite side of what you’re working from and not see very much of the needle - Of course it will be somewhat visible but it should be, for the majority, obscured by the fabric of your work.

In this way you can secure your end in four different ways and in a fashion which is nearly invisible after the sweater has been washed. If you find your ends still visible through the fabric, give the fabric a little tug and let it relax - This will allow the end to relax as well and more naturally follow the curvatures in the work.

ah ha! The technique is reminding me of stun guns… how the dart splays out under the skin for a more secure “stun”. I will have to try!