"weaving in ends"

Super basic question (ostensibly, you’d think) but I was wondering if anyone had some good tips/resources to recommend on different ways of weaving in ends when finishing projects? Seems to me like a lot of youtube tutorials just leave that out, as if it were self-evident to the beginner, which it really is not–and how it’s done clearly matters!

On a more specific and personal note, I am wondering about a good way to weave in ends into garter stitching in th round on some hats, baby bonnets, and socks I am working on. I’ve read that weaving in ends along stitching that stretches repeatedly-- like the band of a beanie or a sock cuff–isn’t ideal because the end can get worked loose. Weaving in hirizontally seems the obvious way to hide the end in garter… but for durability, better to work it in vertically on wrong side even if it shows a lot more…? or is there a better alternative i havent though of?

Anyway, thanks in advance for your input!

Hi knitster, I don’t have an answer for you (sorry!) but I have the same question!! I haven’t done much knitting so weaving in ends is probably wrong and now that I’m doing garments for gifts I’d like it be be a better looking and lasting job. So I’ll be watching this question for an answer :blush:

Here’s a good video for weaving in ends, garter st. There’s also a link to a series of additional videos on more general techniques for hiding ends in the list to the right.

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Very helpful. Thanks!

I weave in and out of 3 stitches one way and then back again. That way the wool never loosens. I leaned this on a video about changing colours in crochet where it is very effective. I use the same method in knitting but it is obviously a tiny bit bulkier…but still effective if you ensure it’s in the wrong side.

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The photo on this web page is super helpful, in my opinion:

Happy weaving! :slight_smile:

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Check this out!

I’m knitting mostly with cotton at present. I didn’t think to mention, but that probably matters…

That said, any thoughts on modifying techniques for cotton yarns? (My two current projects are with Appalachian Baby organic yarn which is has a soft texture and loose ply, less “stringlike” as, say, sugar’n cream–not anything against the latter :slight_smile: , just trying to describe…)

thanks for all the vids shared. haven’t watched them all yet but look forward to.

Would it be possible to split the cotton and weave, say 3 strands one way and 3 the other? That would reduce the bulky appearance. Cotton is difficult because of the lack of stretch. Therefore I’d take care to weave fairly loosely. Also, the necessity for this would increase if you have had to change colour in the middle of a row (say for intarsia or picture patterns). If at the end of the row it becomes less important as it could probably all be hidden in a seam.

that technique looks brilliant! i realized it’s the same technique as normally used to trap long floats in colorwork. what a wonderful labor saver if you are doing lots of stripes etc. and don’t care about the look of the w s.