Weaving in ends

Hi ive just got a new pattern that says you have to weave in the ends something new to me.I was wondering if everyone did this or just me left in the dark.from what I can gather its just to neaten the ends at the beginning and the end of your knitting and incase it unravels.ive never had the problem of unravelling so is it something I should be doing as I just knot.

I’ve only seen knitters weave in ends. There are a few pattern exceptions but in general, ends woven in. On larger projects it’s not just the beginning and end but when you add a ball of yarn or come to a knot.
There are probably as many different ways to do this as there are knitters. Google has many videos and tutorials.
Here are some links to start off:

What do you do with ends?

I usual twist my yarn if changing colour maybe thats just me nice and.tidy and its done as you go no need for anything else

I rarely knot and prefer to weave in my ends so it looks neater.