Weaving in ends with ribbing?

Anyone have any advice about how to weave in the ends when your FO is ribbed? I’ve seen a lot of discussion about weaving ends, but it’s always stockinette or reverse stockinette or garter. And, it’s always done horizontally.

I found something on Techknitter’s blog about weaving ends with ribbing, but I just can’t follow it! Especially since her diagrams show weaving in vertically, from the bottom up, and I’m going to have to do top down.

I made a ribbed hat and got everything done OK so far. I decreased appropriately, cut my yarn to about a foot, ran the yarn through the remaining stitches, and now the instructions say “weave in the ends”. And, now I’m stumped.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Cut your tail until it’s only about 2-3" and just go over and under the stitches on the inside. It won’t show at all.

I do the weaving consistent with the rib…and in keeping with the info on knitty. If K1, P1, I’ll do the st st weave on the K st, then switch to the rev st weave for the P. Back and forth. Sometimes I’ll work up (vertically) on a couple of K in the rib, then down a couple in the P. If K2, P2, it’s easier to make the transitions doing st st weave for the 2 K, etc. I’ve done it numerous times on diff sweaters (diff yarns) and this has worked well on all.


Thanks, Suzeeq and Cam!

Cam, do you have any tips on working vertically? I’m doing K2 P2 rib, so I hope that will help me some. I’ve been using the reference on Knitty for the stockinette. It didn’t occur to me to treat the ribbing as stockinette/rev stock. That’s a good idea.

Is your ‘vertical’ query in ref to my mention of working that direction? If so, to clarify, it’s easier to work more sts up and down when the field of Ks or Ps is greater (vs K1, P1). For instance, work right across the Ks, up one row, left across, up one row, back right, etc. I just play with the weave til I get the sense it’s secure. (The knitty directions are consistent with dupe st so if you were working a vertical column of color, only 2-3 sts wide, that’s how the weave would be on the WS.)


Thank you again, Cam. That was my question about “vertical”. My husband should have his hat completed before the next snowfall out here in Chicago!