Weaving in ends with crochet hook - why?

A friend of mine is learning to knit, and she has a coworker who works in both tails from her work using a crochet hook.

Why do that instead of weaving it in (or, for the tail from the cast-on, just working it into the first three stitches)?

Is she weaving it in the same way that I weave it in with a tapestry needle?

Is there any advantage to doing it this way?

Inquiring (enquiring?) minds must know! :slight_smile:

That’s how my mom weaves her ends in. I use a tapestry needle. I think it is just preference or how you learned it.

If you use the crochet hook, you don’t have to keep threading the needle–that’s the only advantage.

I think they both give a different look too. I like using a needle as the ends are more invisible.