Weaving in ends...ugh!

I’m a new knitter and I’m working on a scarf pattern from the back of a yarn label for LionBrand titled Ribbed Scarf.

Everything is going good with the K2, P2 for two rows each (or 4 rows total for pattern). My problem is weaving in the ends. I can weave them in fine to hide them but that side of the scarf is “stiff”. It just isn’t the soft and flexible feel of the rest of the scarf. Its actually kind of stiff and takes away from the rest of the pattern.

I’m thinking its because with the 2 X 2…all the weave ins are on the same side and just adds extra thickness to one side. Do you think this would be better if I did this with an odd row count? Its a scarf so I don’t think it really matters as long as I’m consistant.

Thanks for the input!

I’m making this for my 10 year old son, who asked for a scarf from me. He won’t care about perfection, but I do. And for future reference it is important.

That can be a problem, but there isn’t much to do for it I don’t think. Just weave in for 3 or 4 stitches and try not to do it all in the same spot. Is the scarf all one color? If so then you shouldn’t have too many ends except on new skeins. If it’s different colors you can see the benefit in self striping yarns… less ends. :thumbsup:

Thanks Jan. It is two colors, two rows for each color alternating. So lots of ends to weave in, on the same side. Which is why I’m thinking it is too much “extra” yarn on one side and therefore makes it stiffer.

I know my son will love it but frankly I hate that thick, stiff side of the work. Yet the rest is great. I can’t fathom making this for anyone else with the stiff side. That is why I wondered if making it odd numbered, say 3X3 so the ends weren’t all on the same end, would be better.

If you’re only knitting 2 rows of each color you can just carry the yarn up the side and not cut the yarn. Would that work?

What method are you using to weave in the ends? The best is duplicate stitch weaving, and it will add a little thickness, but not much. What yarn are you using? If it’s chunky or bulky, split the yarn before weaving, and then weave one half duplicate stitch following one strand of yarn in the scarf, and then a row or 2 higher or lower, weave in the other strand.

Oh definitely carry the yarn up the side! When you come to the end bring the next color under the old one each time and it sort of wraps it up the side so there’s no loops.

I did that with this scarf and you only have to weave in the ends when you change a skein. I alternated two self striping skeins of the same color.

Very pretty Jan!