Weaving in ends/Starting a new color

Hi everyone! So I’m doing my first project, which is a baby blanket. Its striped so I’m using different colors and yarns so I have a lot of ends that I’ve been weaving in as I go but I’m super concerned about my weaved ends coming loose and falling out when I’m finished. I’ve watched tons of videos on it and none really say anything other than to weave them in in one direction and back another… I’m so worried it’ll come loose because I have already have one or two of the ends poke out!!!

Also, Whenever I start a new ball of year, my edges look kinda crappy for the first couple of rows. It’s only on the side I started the new color too. Anyone know how I can make a cleaner switch?

I don’t know how to include pictures.


Depending on the texture of the yarn, for a baby blanket that’s going to get a lot of wash and wear you can go get some Aleene’s Ok to Wash It or Fabric fusion and dab a little of the glue on the yarn when you weave (or find it loose and re-weave) it in. If it’s really fine soft yarn, you won’t want to use very much. Big chunky stuff, you can get a fair amount of glue on the tucked-away side. It dries clear, but it does make the yarn slightly stiff–not hard as a rock, but noticeably less soft right where the glue is–so the minimum necessary to make it think twice about sliding out is what you want.

If you don’t want to/can’t/shouldn’t cheat and use glue, it also helps if, instead of weaving it through stitches, you thread the “tail” into a yarn needle and run the needle through the yarn itself on the back of the piece, as you say, in one direction and then the other.

If you’re really determined, you can “chase” the stitches with theyarn, the way you’d do if you were darning.