Weaving in ends of eyelash yarn

OK, I figured out how to deal with knitting random, thin stripes of eyelash yarn in my Boku (worsted weight) garter stitch scarf. Thanks for all the help with that! [I]Counting[/I] makes a big difference!!

Now what I need to know is this: how do I weave in all those ends? The eyelash yarn is so fuzzy, and variegated with very short colorways, that it really shows up when I try to hide the ends. The stripes are too far apart to carry the eyelash yarn along when I’m not using it, so there will be quite a few ends by the time the scarf’s done. I’ve tried weaving it back upon itself and trimming some of the excess fur, but it hasn’t worked out too well. I think I read someone here saying I could simply tie a knot in the eyelash and ‘hide’ it in the knitting. Can that be done? Or, what else could I do to deal with all those threads? I don’t really mind weaving in ends, but with the eyelash it just doesn’t look right.

Thanks for suggestions–I’m willing to try just about anything!

Personally, I would just weave the ends in and leave it at that, without minding about the looks too much. You can see where you have woven it in, but most people won’t notice. (If it isn’t TOO obvious)

That’s what I’ve done with my eyelash knittings…

I may do just that, although the ends I’ve already tried weaving in are pretty obvious–big and lumpy, and because both yarns I’m using are variegated, the color changes really show up.

I might try trimming the “fur” off the tails and weaving in just the base thread. Stay tuned…

Well, I spent some time trimming the fur off the ends and they do indeed weave in nicely. I’m very pleased! I think it’s worth the trouble for this project at least. BUT…next time I’ll put a plastic bag on my lap over my fuzzy fleece blanket. Those eyelashes make one heck of a mess!:teehee: