Weaving in ends - help!

So I’ve just completed my first sweater and am finishing up weaving in all the ends. When I turned it right-side out again to check my work I noticed these ugly indentations where I weaved in my ends. I weaved them in the “correct” way according to every video I’ve ever watched but I still have these little dents. I’m thinking that, since all the weaves that look bad are where I joined a new ball of yarn, that maybe I didn’t join them right.

I guess my question is 1) has anyone come across this problem and (most importantly) 2) how can I fix it? This sweater is for my mom for Christmas so I’m biting my nails trying to get it done…

Also, I tried to post a picture but the file size is too large. :confused:

you can’t post links or pictures in your first message, an anti-spam feature, so if you want to try again, feel free… as for weaving in the ends… i’m still new at all this too. i’ve been using the ‘every other purl bump’ method, in an ‘N’ configuration, and have been successful so far. what type of configuration/method were you doing?

Make sure you don’t pull the yarn too tight when you’re weaving in ends or you will end up with it showing on he front.

I use this method and then I turn back with the needle and split a few stitches to secure it.

That’s the technique I’ve been using too. I was doing it really loose, at least I thought I was. I’m hoping that it settles out during the washing/blocking process. It’s just annoying because I’ve weaved in ends loads of times and not had this problem. :confused:

How did you join the new yarn? Maybe you pulled too tight either joining the new yarn or when you went to weave in the ends.

I’m wondering what weight yarn and what size needles you’re using?