"Weaving" a scarf

I just received a present from a friend (who knows I like to knit and have TONS of yarn…) It’s the size of a scarf, made up of a bunch of squares that you weave yarn in and out of with all different yarns. Has anyone seen these before. Sounds like it could be kind of neat. I will give it a try and see what happens. Then I’ll just need to find out where to buy…

I’ve seen kits like those- they are a good use for some crazy “novelty” yarns.

I actually just started a kit like that with my little one to make a purse. (the woven fabric is folded, stitched, then simply lined with a pre-provided pouch with handles) it has (pre-cut) crazy pink fun fur and something like Paton’s cha cha in it.

you take your yarn/tapestry needle, thread it with desired yarn(s) then pick a row and weave it thru. The yarn doesn’t need to be tied or knotted at the end, as the ends are used to attach the handles, but some kits I think have you leave long bits at each end to be made into fringe.

this kit we got at Borders in their kid fun section and it has little hello kitty buttons. But I’ve seen the scarf kits at my local JoAnns Superstore if you want a peek at the directions or the box.

have fun with it!

I’ve seen quite a few online craft stores selling them - they’re great for big chunky fibers as well. I’m thinking about giving one of them a go, but unfortunately us non-wool people don’t tend to get really nice chunky yarn to work with cry

Those are sold a lot here in the Netherlands. However, they don’t appeal to me