Weaves and Leaves Jacket

Has anyone knitted this jacket from the September 2009 Creative Knitting magazine? There are only four projects listed on Ravelry and I’ve written to one person there for help, but this pattern is somewhat confusing. The picture in the magazine of the back piece of the cardigan shows the same cabling as on the shoulders of the two fronts, but there are no instructions for the cabling given in the pattern at all. I’ve finished the fronts and the lace panels on the back part and will be up to where I’ll need to start the cabling soon, but I’m not real sure about how to go about this. I’ve written to the designer and to one person on Ravelry, but I thought I’d see if anyone here has any ideas. BTW, the designer [U]did[/U] reply to my first email, but this was on another error I found. I’ve written her again about the cables. Maybe she’ll answer.

This is really a BUMMER for you! I know you are ‘reading’ the pattern right, cuz another Rav knitter says the same thing…no directions for the ‘woven’ cables at the shoulders and down the back.

No charts either? Could the chart for ‘the weaves’ be located in the back pages of the magazine? I have a new magazine (Knit n’ Style) and it plunks all charts in the back of the magazine. Just a little notation about where to find it, too.

I cannot imagine a magazine forgetting to include the cable chart, nor the designer failing to furnish a cable chart! Either scenario is unthinkable!

Additionally, the other Rav knitter says there were no directions for the neck shaping either! What a funky magazine! Who proofreads over there at Creative Knitting? Remind me to FORGET picking up a copy of that magazine, EVER.

Snowmutz posted a few notes about how to work the ‘weaves’, aka basketweaves! But you are really on your own for putting that into play!

That’s amazing - I’d be writing to the magazine, too!

The designer, Lisa Gentry, is a member of ravelry, and there is a forum group dedicated to her designs. Perhaps you can get help there.

Thanks, Dolly and Marilyn, for your input.
I have made up my mind to not renew my subscription to this magazine. It seems like every pattern I’ve ever attempted has had one or more “issues” and it’s very aggravating. I did write the designer on one other error in this pattern and actually got a response right away, but she has not responded yet to my question about the cables. It almost seems like a whole section of the directions was left out. There are no other directions/graphs for this part of the back. I’m thinking maybe I’ll just wing it and see what happens. The two fronts turned out quite well, though. If I can just figure out the back:think: I’ll be OK.
Here’s what I’ve done so far. Haven’t blocked them yet, but I’m hoping to put in my order for those blocking thingys from Knit Picks this week.

Forgot the specs…
The yarn is Ella Rae Classic 100% wool in a coral color. I don’t know why I knit things with wool when we so seldom have days cold enough to wear it :slight_smile: . But, I love the color and the yarn, so I’ll just turn on the fan.