Weave in tail of hat

Two broken legs, a broken wrist, a torn rotator cuff (shoulder) and nothing to do but, [B][I][U]sit in bed and[/U][/I][/B] [B][I][U]knit !!![/U][/I][/B] :woot:So I just finished a hat for my honey, (since he is bringing the food), and I need to weave the last 12 stitches with yarn and pull tight. I am so used to binding items off (my first hat). Do I weave with the tapestry needle as if to purl, or do one as if to purl then second one as if to knit? Or just insert tapestry needle as if to purl and pull.
I don’t want the stitches to come out. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Usually I just thread the tail through all the stitches like a drawstring, then thread them through again. That creates a circular top, whereas if you were to weave them like a kitchener st it would be like a grafted toe.

Good Lord, honey! What happened to you?!?!

Anyway, I second what Sue said. Just thread them through the same sts that you did the drawstring.

Thank you Suzeeq, I am so glad I asked because I would have threaded them only once vs twice. Finally, after 6 years of saying I wanted to make him a hat, he gets to wear it in about 15 mins!

Can you believe. I was reading posts here, the door bell rang. I stood up to walk and my right foot was asleep. My ankle turned 45 degrees under me, I fell on top of the ankle. Jumped up yelling OUCH. Took another step, on broken ankle, fell to left, broke left knee cap, left wrist, slid 10 feet with arm extended, tore left rotator cup!!! Needless to say, I recommend NOT trying to walk when foot is asleep. So I am stuck in bed with tons of fiber and patterns. Always a silver lining!!!

You poor thing!

Anyway, I think that Suzeeq is right. It all makes sense from there.

Thank you for the sympathy.
Congratulations on your sox. Wasn’t it fun making them? As for your gymnast picture, Yikes!!! If you can do that, socks must of been a slam dunk.
My boyfriend loves his hat. He is sitting in the recliner, watching sports, wearing it. So goofy, but he complains about his head always being cold (in the house). So we fixed him up, can’t complain with 100% alpaca to keep him warm.

Sure hope you heal quickly!

Of course not too quickly to knit a little along the way! :teehee:

Thank you, I think I am going to be able to knit a sweater, or seven!!! Reading the posts and seeing what everyone is knitting in "Whatca Knitting "helps rest my hands.

Oh dear… that really beats my sprained ankle years ago, where I missed the last step while carrying the dog downstairs. She was a puppy then and could go up, but not down and I figured it was faster to carry her down to put her out. Since I sorta landed on her and then rolled around for a few minutes in pain I guess it wasn’t…

Hope you recover soon, but happy knitting in the meantime.

This is the first KH injury I’ve heard of. Do we have some sort of Workers’ Comp program or something? :??

I want to Thank all of you for your kind words. And your messages made me laugh. Suzeeq, I thought OH NO, puppy had to learn to go downstairs, after that. The KH workers comp really made me giggle. Knitters are the [B][I][U]NICEST PEOPLE!!![/U][/I][/B]
Keep the laughs coming.