Weave in ends when connecting new yarn

I’m a new knitter…can you tell me/ tell me where to find the info. about how to weave in the ends when connecting a new skein of yarn in the middle of your work? I wove it in with a crochet hook but it looks rather messy and bulky. Thanks! MP


Here is an article on how to weave in ends.

Yup. Use that knitty.com article. That’s where I learned, and I’m uber new too. Oh, and look at their article (or the ones here) about when you start a new ball or colour of yarn. I tied all mine together (as my knitting book told me to) before realizing you could start a new ball without tying a new one on to the old yarn, and my scarf has lumpy knots. Oh well… gotta start somewhere. :slight_smile: