"weave in ends" to where?

Well I’ve always been lazy about finishing, and usually just weave in my ends somewhere and then tie them off somewhere on the wrong side. But ther must be a better and above all better looking solution. Anyone know a good technique for getting those ends to disappear?

As usual, Knitty has a fabulous article on this…


(I :heart: Knitty!)

Thanks Julie! Great article, never would have thought of that method!

but it leaves one thing unclear…once you’ve weaved the end in, theres still a small “end” thats left. How long should that end be? Do you just let it hang or tie it off to something?

Once your yarn is secure, just clip it off. If you’ve woven in a good amount, it won’t unravel.

That question just sounds so cute: weave ends into WHERE?

I used to worry excessively about this. But now I’ve got it.
You don’t have to weave in a lot, 2 inches or a little more if it’s there already is enough. I was always thinking the cut end would pop through to the outer side but if you (well maybe this is in the article at Knitty) don’t go in and out to the other side but just catch the yarn on the inside if it pops out of the last stitch it will still be on the inside. Does that make sense to you?

                    no knots                though