We need those online custom models for knitting

Has anyone heard of those models you can create online… you put in your features (hair color and length, facial features, weight, size, etc.) and it creates a model for you?

You can then use said model to try on clothes with participating stores, and see how the stuff will look on you before buying, in theory.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was something like that for knitting patterns???

I mean, it’s one thing to spend $20 on a shirt without knowing whether it will look nice…

It’s another thing to spend $60 and countless hours, and end up with something that doesn’t flatter you!

So… I’m wishing we had something like that!

Oh well… I can dream.

That is a good idea. That would be wonderful. :wink:

I am a plus size lady and I have come to realize that it must be so MUCH easier to knit clothing for someself who is “small” compared to “BIG”. I have to use a LOT MORE yarn to knit up the same thing and hope the pattern will still look good on me.

I do have some good plus size knitting books but still I can see that it must be a lot easier to just knit for oneself if you are tiny. This is not a pity party but just a reality. :smiley:

I haven’t heard of those models. Is it a virtual thing where you plug in measurements for a top and then it “fits” on your model?

My Virtual Model

I’ve used the one at Lands End before, it’s kind of fun!

Perhaps we could start a write-in campaign to get something like this installed on the WEBS store website.