We have piglets!

I love my Ms Piggie. She oinks when she sees me comes santering up to the fence. She barks if I ignore her. She’ll follow me around the pasture like a dog.

We’ve raised plenty of pigs the last 5 years, but only from weaner to butcher size. Ms Piggie was the first that we kept to breed. She is a purebred Berkshire. She was mated to another Berkshire.

[B]This was from Saturday night.[/B]

[B]And what we saw when we went into the barn Sunday morning:[/B]

[B]And my favorite (check out that smile!):[/B]

What cute little piggies!! Adorable!

:woot:OMG they are soooo cute !!! My hubby said no more puppies and no kitties…think he would go for a piggie?

Mine did!!! :teehee:

OH MY GOD! Piggies!!!

I love pigs… They’re amazing animals… I want one so badly… I’d name her Hamlet, give her a little pink bow, and give her snuggles every day! :slight_smile:

:noway: “[B][U][I]Butcher [/I][/U][/B]size”? :cry:

How sweet!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

have not seen pictures like that since I was little, my father raised hogs and we had lots of piglets.

OMG that last pic is SO adorable! Momma luvs her baby! :heart:

reminds me of my college days - for one course we all had to deliver a gilt; of course the one I was assigned went overdue - and they finally induced labour. 13 little piggies delivered in something like 8 minutes. and half of them needed mouth to snout!

Little piggies are so cute!!!

dd loved your piggies… now she wants to see more… off to google.

Thanks for sharing!!! they are sooooo cute. and Mamma pig is also cute…

mmmmmm, sausage

hi cyndi! didn’t realize you were at this forum too. :wink:

cute pigs.

Yes, butcher size. We raise all our own meat; pork, beef, chicken, duck, goose, turkey, guinea and rabbit. We also raise the majority of our vegetables and fruits. We have a milk cow, egg laying flock and honey bee hives.

Our animals are loved and cared for their entire lives. Since I am an omnivore, I rather feed my family food that we’ve grown ourselves instead of relying on commercial, corporate ag facilities where who knows what goes into their feed and what kind of life the animals had.

That’s my favorite also! It’s my screen saver now! I swear Ms Piggie is smiling!!!

Hey Katz! I spend most my time on the Making Yarn forum … spinning and all that :thumbsup:

soooooooooo cute

Heh…I would make a horrible, horrible farmer.

Mullerslanefarm, your piggies are wonderful. :heart: