We have moved but no internet yet

We finally moved to our new house but Verizon (:wall::nails::tap::!!!::hair:)will not be there to hook up the internet until Oct. 9th so I thought I would stop in at the library and see what has been happening here. With all the moving and unpacking, I have not been able to knit a lot but I did do a skully washcloth for one of my daughters and the other one wants a butterfly one so that is my current project. Still working on Silver’s Palindrome when I am able to just sit with no kids yelling at me. The inlaws are going home tomorrow, they are not a problem with me at all, I just want to be our little family in our new home finally!

So, that is it, not much going on, just readjusting to new schools and a new home. I hope I get the internet back soon!!!:pray:

It’s nice that libraries now have internet for people who need their fix. :teehee: Hope you get all settled in soon! Are you still in NJ?

Don’t be too surprised if they get it on sooner. They told me 10 days and had it on in about 5.

I love that libraries have computers. My Social Studies teacher let’s me use his computer to go on www.howrse.com ! Pretty cool, eh?

Moving is so hard…I hope you guys get settled in soon and internet service back faster than they promised…:thumbsup:

Finally!:woohoo: We have internet (obviously!)! Now I have to check out all the boards and see what I missed in my 1 1/2 weeks off the internet…

I forgot to say that my my inlaws also left, finally! They were here fro 5 weeks to help us move but I think they thought it would take longer than it did. My MIL ended up sitting in the sun for a few days (she LOVES to sit in the sun) While they were here, hubby and I were able to go to New York City for a night. We stayed in Times Square and went to see Spamalot (I’m not dead yet) which was hilarious! We walked to The Empire State Building, took a pedi-cab to Central Park and rode in a carriage. The next day, we went through Ripleys Believe It or Not (which was fun but too $$$) and then drove by Ground Zero. We did not eat anywhere great because I did not have the time to do any research but there is always next time!