We had to stop feeding the birds

due to this guy and his friends. Self explanatory I think. :doh:

:roflhard: He looks busted!

We have the same problem in our (tiny) yard in SF. I was HORRIFIED when I saw a rat sauntering around in the middle of the day. Freaked out and called the pest guy, who says there is a colony (!!!) of rats living in an old stone wall at the bottom of our garden.

Jan, I’ll be interested to know how you get rid of your unwanted visitors. I have two kids and a very curious puppy, so am scared of using poison, but I WILL NOT HAVE RATS! (and that’s final) :tap:

“[B]COLONY”? :oo::shock::out:[/B]

We have a problem with the neighbors leaving out dog food which attracts them as well as the bird seed. Best thing you can do is not have any food around outdoors.

I was very unhappy when I first found out we had a few around. We had some kind of vine growing on our wall and we could here them scurrying around in it at night. :shock: After DH took down the vine we didn’t see or hear them till we fed the birds. DH put out a trap and caught one, but that’s it. I think they’re pretty smart and I’m not sure you can do anything to rid yourself of them entirely. :shrug: I told DH if he wants to set traps go ahead, but put them in the bushes so I don’t have to see them.

[COLOR=Blue]Ooooohhhhh! Aaaaaagh! Horrors!!![/COLOR]


It’s a good job I always keep the smelling salts nearby when I come to KH - never know what’s going to jump out at you… can take years off you, this place …

aww he’s cute!


My friend had a rats nest in her car engine.

We had some sort of varmint chew our spark plug wires on honeymoon in New Mexico. We thought it was rabbit-now I’m wondering if it was rats!

I’m sure there’s probably a colony somewhere around me. My neighbors have fruit trees and the neighbor next to me has the set for Survivor in his backyard corner. My husband had to tell him not to throw his old carpet in the corner of his yard because we didn’t want rats. I haven’t seen any but then again I’m not out lurking around in the backyard after dark. Maybe I should. I know we have an armadillo and a possum and some racoons it only makes sense that ratus ratus would be there too.

[I]Shiver[/I] Rats are one thing I can’t stand. Some people around here feel that squirrels are just rats with bushy tails, but I’ll take them, anyday.

ugh… almost vomits
I have squirrels, a lot of them. I hate them. they have effectively ruined any chance of me having a bird feeder of ANY FREAKING KIND even the squirrel proof ones. You just reminded me of how much I hate squirmy little critters

Personally, rats don’t bother me. I think they’re cute. But one way to get rid of them, I’ve heard, is to put mothballs around your perimeter. (This may drive away birds as well, though.) You might also call your local animal control to see if they have live animal traps.

I thought the same thing! But he’s not in my backyard, so of course I’m going to think that!!

Sorry you’ve got pests. :pout:

I’ve had those things in my old house. We lived right next door to an old feed store. You could just see them running in and out of the old grain storage bins.

Jan, I understand why you had to stop feeding the birds (!) but at the same time, that guy is pretty cute. That’s a good wildlife picture!