We had to euthanize our Sadie yesterday

praying for your family… She understood you were giving her wings… :hug: :pray:

I’m so sorry for your loss,…losing a pet hurts so much…i lost my dog 2 years ago and i still miss her so i really understand what you’re going through:hug:

When we lost our older dog our girl quit eating as well. I started bribing her to eat, I would put a treat into her food and then I would sit on the floor with her and eat or drink something. It took about 2 months before she would eat without me sitting there. I gradually moved away from her bowl, into a chair at the table, then to the couch in the same room and then started coming and going from the room once she was eating. The bribe that seemed to work best for her was cutting up chicken or hot dogs into a few tablespoons of water and microwaving for about 45sec. It gets the oils hot and makes it smell irresistable (to her anyway) when mixed with her dry food and then she would eat.
Canine behavior says not to eat without the pack leader.

I’m so sorry for your loss. I, too, know the pain of losing a pet. They do become our friends and family and they leave a huge hole when they go.

We had our 14 year-old boy put down in May because he was in constant pain and couldn’t walk anymore. Afterwards, my Maggie wouldn’t eat for about a week. She’d eat her treats and whatever handouts she could get, but she wouldn’t eat her dog food. Eventually, though, she seemed to understand what was going on and started getting back into her routine.

I hope Coco starts eating soon, and I hope you’re all able to grieve for Sadie in your own ways and start to move forward. :hug:

Coco started eating last night! When we took Sadie to the vet Friday, I took up their food bowl to clean it. Sadie and Coco always ate from the same bowl…it was one of those self-feeding things where you just put in the food and the dog/dogs eat out of it during the day. The day we got Coco, I took Sadie to the Humane Society with us with some food and a bowl just to see if either of them would be food aggressive. Well…Sadie was already over a year old at this time and Coco was just a sad little puppy in the pound, but they both shared the bowl just fine. We’ve never had a problem with either of them. We would let them lick our plate after supper and we’d just laugh cause they would be “swappin’ spit”…both their tongues licking the plate at the same time. I guess if you’re not a dog lover, you’re probably thinking this is pretty gross…but we’d just joke about them kissing each other…stupid, I know…but it was nice to know they could share food and neither one be aggressive. I digress…I took up the self-dispensing bowl to clean it and we put down just a plain bowl with some food in it for Coco, and she just wouldn’t eat. We thought she was grieving for Sadie. Last night, I put the old food bowl down and Coco ate like a pig! I guess she just missed her bowl:doh: Now I feel all guilty because I think I’ve been starving her since Friday (not really…she’s had food, she just wouldn’t eat it). Dogs are funny people.

I’m so sorry. Love to your family and a pat for your “Doofus”. :hug:

:cheering: …and a big sigh of relief too.


So sorry to hear about it. I love having pets but it is so tough when they die. :pout:

so so so sorry on your loss of Sadie! We have a Sadie, too, (a german shepherd) and I can definitely sympathize how important these furry children are.

I am so sorry. I too know how hard it is. My boy had cancer too and it seemed to have come out of the blue as he had just been to the vet a few months before.

Letting them go is the final gift we give them but no matter how right it is it hurts beyind belief.

Godspeed Sadie girl, I hope my Cyrus is showing you the ropes.