We had to euthanize our Sadie yesterday

[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Our Golden Retriever, Sadie, had to be put to sleep yesterday after we found out what was first thought to be a snake bite turned out to be a very aggressive form of cancer. I can’t remember the name, something really long, but she got real sick, real fast. She was only 6, would have been 7 in January. The vet did an aspiration on Monday and she called Friday to let me know what it was. My husband stayed with her, but I said my goodbyes here at home. I didn’t think I could handle putting my dog to sleep again. I did stay with my other Golden, Scarlett, when she was euthanized, but she was 13 and had had a stroke. That was something I always said I would do with her, but it is so traumatic…at least for me it was. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]We do have our other dog, Coco, who’s a real doofus and she’s been a lot of help. She’s also part Golden, part Chow, part Black lab that we got from the Humane Society. She’s missing her bud, but I think we’re going to keep just one dog for now, at least until I retire and can stay home with a new puppy. Sadie was a good girl and soon I’ll have another urn on my mantle to keep Scarlett company. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I’m sorry! Losing a pet is hard, they’re a member of the family!

I totally understand what you’re going through, having recently lost three pets over the course of several months. :hug:

Sorry to hear of your loss. :hug: Been there. They are a member of the family and we miss them when they are gone.

My prayers are with your family.

I’m so sorry. :frowning: I couldn’t stay with my Sierra kitty a few years ago either although I’ve stayed with some of the other pets. My kitty, Marshmallow, is over 18 and that is always at the back of mind. My thoughts are with you. :hug:

Very sad, I am sorry for your loss.

It’s always heartbreaking to have to put a beloved pet to sleep. As the human caretakers of our furry loved ones it’s part of our responsibility to them to ease their way in this world. That includes their path out of it.

That being said, I’m sending mental hugs your way.

I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my 12 year old dog last year to liver failure and know how much it hurts to say goodbye. Rest in Peace Sadie

[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Thank you all for the kind words. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Ironically, Marley and Me was on HBO last night and, even though I knew about the ending, my husband and I watched it and we both were bawling like a couple of babies at the end. Today is better than yesterday, and I’m sure tomorrow will be a little better than today. Coco, the doofus, still needs us and is still a doofus, so that helps us tremendously. You all are so kind and great virtual friends.:grphug: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I am so sorry for your loss,having shared my life with many cats,I know just how you feel…every day gets a little easier and soon memories of Sadie will bring you joy.
Sending hugs

So sorry to hear this.

I am so sorry for your loss.

I have an almost 14 yo English sheepdog who will soon need help “over the bridge”. I cry every day thinking about it.

So sorry you lost a furball. We just went through that in Nov. We too had another younger dog who was still in the midst of training so that helped. :grphug:

[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Well, today I took Coco out for our walk as usual and it was much easier with just her alone. Before with Coco and Sadie, I had my hands pretty full-Sadie was always so calm on the leash, no pulling, no running, just ambling along at her own pace; but Coco’s just a kid and I have trouble keeping her in check. I’m 60 years old now and not quite as agile as I used to be. Maybe now, with just Coco, I can get her more “leash friendly” and get some of her rowdiness calmed down. Felt kinda funny with just the one dog, though. I miss stepping over her everywhere I go in the house. She’d always be laying down right where I was walking, seemed like. I guess there’s a lot of adjusting we’re going through, but we’ll be OK soon. Thank you all…there’s so many kind people here. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Mary [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Sorry to hear it…

They really are best friends…pets…aren’t they!!

My heart hurts for your loss.

[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Thanks, Jeremy and Crycket…[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]I’m a little concerned about my other dog, Coco. She hasn’t eaten a thing since Friday. I know she can sense something’s wrong, but I’m wondering if I should call the vet? Have any of you had any experience with the other dog/cat/animal grieving over the loss of a pet? Sadie was already here when we got Coco as a puppy, so she’s grown up with her. Coco’s only about 3 we think, but she sure is acting like she’s sad. She’s one of these dogs that “smiles” all the time, but she hasn’t smiled at all. I’m getting worried about her. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I’m so sorry for your loss. :hug:

Coco is probably grieving in her own way for her buddy. We can’t explain it to them like we can to a child, so that makes it even harder. We had a dog that howled for a night when she lost her buddy. Then after a while, she bounced back to her old self again.

[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Thanks, Melanie…I’m hoping she will get back to “normal” soon. Coco’s normal isn’t quite the same as most dogs…she’s just so happy all the time. She [U]really[/U] does smile when we come home from work and even when she’s just boppin’ around the house. That’s why seeing her so mopey hurts me, too. This has been going on since Friday. She’ll eat a dog treat or peanut butter, but not her food…not one bite. Sadie’s been her companion forever. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]I’ll give it one more day and if she’s not eating by tomorrow, I’ll call the vet to see if she has any suggestions.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]p.s. The pet cemetery just called and Sadie’s going to be delivered back to our vet tomorrow. We had her cremated. Y’all must think I’m crazy going on and on about this, but it helps to write it out. Today was a holiday for us so I’ll be back at work tomorrow. That should help take my mind off of this. I hate leaving Coco alone though. Hope she’ll be OK. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]