We got snow!

We got snow and lots of it, 6-8 inches and still falling this morning. Looks like a Currier and Ives Christmas card. Snowmobilers are ecstatic.


Wow! Gorgeous picture, but I’m glad I’m here in sunny Texas where we’re already starting our garden!

How strange that this should be news, eh?

P.S. I’m really not stalking you on this forum; I just happened to have logged on not too long after you posted several new threads–and so I commented on them! :slight_smile:

How beautiful. I’m not jealous though. We’ve had some snow here, but nothing like you get I think.

What a beautiful sight! Sure wish we’d get some of that gorgeous white stuff here…we haven’t had any appreciable snow in the past several years, and I really miss it!


This has been the strangest weather I’ve ever seen. Retired people have told me they’ve never seen such temps their entire life. In January, we usually get 40 below zero temps, not 40 above. Temps were in the low 40’s last week and my twins had their motorcycles out for runs. This is the first big snowfall we’ve had all winter. That’s why everybody is excited about it.

That’s so pretty!

It’s all gone now! Brown out conditions again. Temps were 60 degrees yesterday and more of the same the next week.


Yep, our snow is mostly gone here, looks like early spring to me. Temps around 50 headed up toward 60. Soon everything will be nice and green.

We got snow too ! The prediction was for less than 1/2" so there was one very excited toddler who got to go sledding for the first time as we received btwn 6-10". Of course this is VA so it has all melted and today he was out riding his “bike”

Enjoy it while you can! After only 3 months of it, I’m wishing it away now, but it hasn’t shown signs of leaving yet.

Having to dig the car out to get to town for groceries can get tired very quickly.

Woodi - I grew up in snow packed states like UT, NY and PA. I even went to school in Buffalo, NY so I know your pain ! Having to dig the car out to get to class is why when I bought my house in VA I wouldn’t let the realtor show me anything that didn’t have an attached garage. He kept saying “why?” and I kept saying “I don’t get up early to scrape snow” and kept saying “what snow?”

I miss having some snow during the winter as we experienced in Albuquerque the years living there. It is predicted to reach the low 80° mark here in the Dallas Metroplex and that is just too warm for this time of year. I fear the summer will be worse than it has been since here. :grrr: