We got a new bird

He is a 3 year old cockatiel named Petey and he is so sweet.He barks like a dog and says “pretty bird” and “what are you doing?” We got him from a friend for free because she went back to work and had no time for him.Can anyone here tell me where I might be able able to find a reasonably priced cage?The cage he came in is in rough shape to put it mildly and that pretty bird in that yucky cage is just sad although he doesn’t seem to mind.

You can always try Craigslist for pet supplies, I see bird cages all the time

Hey! PM me your address. I used to have a cockatiel and made bird toys as a hobby. I would love to send some to you! I miss my bird but when we got the dog it just didn’t work out and I was afraid for him.

Thanks Jessica I pm’ed you.I am also attaching a photo of the handsome little devil.

Good looking bird. I’ve had a few cockatiels over the years and always enjoyed them.

Mine were always very fond of scrambled eggs, fresh veggies, and pizza.

Mason can you tell me what some of your birds favorite veggies were?I am trying to adjust him to a healthier diet he has been on a mosly seed diet forever and I would like to introduce some fruits and veggies.

They can eat pretty much anything we can eat (NO CHOCOLATE, IT’S TOXIC), and a varied diet is very helpful for them (be sure to add vitamins to their drinking water).

One of mine, Fred, loved broccoli, corn, tomatoes, and carrots.

Another, JoJo, would pretty much eat anything you would give him and insisted on having a plate set for him at the dinner table so he could eat what we ate. He loved chicken.

Larry wasn’t overly fond of most veggies but he did like corn and spinach. He was a dedicated pizza fanatic.

Just try offering him different foods. Don’t be surprised if he acts all weird like he’s scared of it. They don’t like the unfamiliar and it takes them a while to get used to anything new.

Also, just as a side note, take that mirror away if you expect him to bond to people. Once he’s acclimated a bit let him out of the cage as much as possible. Don’t force it though. Just open the door and leave it open and let him decide to come out when he’s ready.

Once he gets used to being out of the cage offer a finger for him to step on (put it about chest level and lightly bump his chest with it and hold it there). Don’t show a reaction if he bites it a few times. He’ll test you to see if he can trust you.

Wow Mason! A fountain of knowledge like always! I love the bits about what your birds ate, and the one at the table. Aren’t animals awesome!:muah:

I’ve been an animal lover all of my life and have had numerous animal companions including dogs, cats, birds, various reptiles, rodents, and at one time I had 12 aquariums running at once.

Thanks Mason! He seems to be adjusting to us quite well ,he is on my shoulder watching me as we speak. I was told that he has had that mirror for all of his 3 years and that if I move it he won’t eat so I think it should be ok to keep it as long as he still comes out to play with us is that correct?

If you haven’t found a cage yet, check out http://birdcages4less.com/ I’ve gotten some great deals there.

Also, there are a couple things on the NON safe list of foods, I didn’t see mentioned. Avocado and apple seeds. Avocado, I don’t remember why exactly, but apple seeds contain cyanide.

Here is a small siggy tag of my flock.

Congradulations on your new addition, birds are such fun.

That’s your call but typically they socialize with people much better without them. Trust me, he will eat even if he sulks for a day or two. Perhaps you could replace the mirror with a nice honey stick treat to ease the transition.

i had a cockatiel that would say a few things…pretty bird, hi charlie, pretty charlie. he would also wolf whistle and do a ‘bob white’ imitation.

just like mason said, if you offer a finger right at his chest, he will step up on it. maybe not at first, but eventually. i used to tell charlie, “step up.” and he did. :wink:

charlie could fly pretty well, even if i trimmed his flights. he didn’t like to leave my finger but if i gave him a gentle toss (kind of a gentle swooping up in the air motion) he would take flight. it was cool. he’d fly a couple of laps around my house and then settle somewhere.

Very good point, I forgot about the avocado and apple seeds.

Yes, avocado and apple seeds are toxic to them Avocado causes serious gastric problems and apple seeds can kill them.

I loved making this for my cockatiel