We are starting a business!

an alpaca farm…to be exact!!!
its going to be my dh and i, MIL, FIL and SIL and her GF!!

we are going to have alpacas, cashmere goats, and angora bunnies!!!
everythign is going to be organic and hand made/hand spun/hand dyed!!!

i am SOOO excited!

we are currently working on a business plan! hopefully things will get rolling ASAP!!!

That’s quite an undertaking!! KHers get a discount, right? :wink: :rofling:

hehe!! :o)
yall will definately be the first to know!
we plan on having VERY good prices, bc we are raising the animals and doing everything ourselves…w/ no middle man. so our yarns and roving will be very decently priced!


cool! good luck :wink:

:shock: wow! :cheering:

Cool Beans. Or would that be Cool Wool? :roflhard: Do keep us posted. I love hand spun things and being organic is a bonus!

That’s so WONDERFUL! I bought my first alpaca (local) yarn this past summer and I’m in love with it, never had such soft yarn before.

Where are you by the way?


How cool Stitch! That is my dream! To live out in the country so my three year old can have a dog, and I can have alpacas. But I can live vicariously through you till the day comes! Do yall have a name yet?


Wow! You are going to be one busy little bee! :shock:
It’s so rewarding to see something go from start to success so I wish you all the best in your endevour!

P.S. :shifty: Are you thinking of offering low exchange rates and shipping for :wink: “special” customers? :pray:

Wow! I hope it all works out for you!

I think you will make alot of knitters happy :smiley: :XX:

we are in houston, but wil be moving out of the city, obviously, but still close by. probably gonna be an hour north of houston.

i was thinking of doing somehting special for KH’ers. maybe the entire first month of business you get free shipping or 10 % off…but…of course, i would have to talk about it first with my family.

we have a name, but we are keeping it secret for now! :wink:

i dont know if we will be able to be organic anymore…i was doing some research and everything i was reading said that alpacas have to get shots…
i am still looking into it, bc we REALLY want to be organic.

Kids get shots to stay well, as do our other pets. Since they won’t be eaten, nor will their fleece, I’d say immunizations should be ok. One thing I’ve learned, though, from my friend with the Alpacas is that the babies can be very sensitive to the heat. In Houston, that could be a concern. If a dark colored baby lies out in the sun–because they don’t know any better–they can overheat with dreadful results. Just something to keep in mind. But I guess when you raise animals that are designed for the Andes in the South, you’ve thought of that stuff.

ingrid…we were worried about that too! BUT…there is a huge alpaca farm close to us and they sell alpacas.
thats where we are going to get the animals. they even train you on how to take care of them and everything and will let us know what needs to be done in hot weather! :thumbsup:

My friend kept a kiddie pool out there for the youngsters and they loved it. She was also a bit paranoid about them, too.

Do you plan on getting registered alpacas? I never quite understood the price differential between them and non-registered.

we arent sure yet. my ILs are coming back down in Feb and we are going to have a consulation with the owners of the other alpaca farm.
its actually amazing how much information there is online about alpacas! LOL
whodathunkit? :lol:

How exciting! My DH is a farm boy at heart and he has always talked about farming. Recently I have begun dreaming of an alpaca farm and as a city girl this is so not what I would have ever dreamed of doing. But now I am thinking about it all the time. We have gone as far as reading about raising alpaca. I would love to visit a farm out by us and may even do that in the spring.

Good luck, I can’t wait to hear about your progress.

Hurrah for you and your family!! :thumbsup: It’s wonderful to see that families are starting more “small” (or LARGE, hopefully) businesses together. I’ve been trying to keep up with Jennifleur of jenla.com or jennla.com–( I am having a Senior moment!!)–she moved from California to Georgia, after finding a farm where she could begin raising, guess what!! alpacas!! The site was by two friends who loved knitting…now they are divided by many states but they’re still keeping up the blog , I think. I’m anxious to see how her venture in alpaca farming goes. I wish you the very best. :thumbsup:

Congratulations on your plan, Stitch, it sounds exciting! That’s great that you’re leaning towards organic routes. If you look online, there’s some great natural dyes available for dying fleece as well.


How exciting! :happydance: And since you’re near me, maybe I can visit! Will you have an on-site shop?