We are never going to find a house! *Update!*

Ok, my husband found this house a week ago. We drove out together to look at it and I loved it. It was the right location, the right size, the right amount of land, the right price, it looked great. I’m all excited. Well, he went through it today with the realtor while I was at work. I call him on my break to ask how it was, expecting him to report that it’s great and we found the house of our dreams… Well, nope!

I don’t understand how someone could keep up the outside of a house so nice, replace all the windows and build 2 new outbuildings, and let the inside go to crap! The basement has black mold, all the carpet is crap due to a flood, and the upstairs drywall is falling down. Not to mention the basement walls are caving in.

I’m so crushed. I feel like we are never going to find the right house! We are going to be living in my husband’s grandma’s house forever. Or a cardboard box. :crying:

i know a beautiful house in fort dodge that’s for sale if you have a big burning desire to live there! sorry this one turned out to be less than it seemed to be! :frowning:

It takes awhile sometimes, but you WILL find one! :heart:

Maybe the perfect house is out there, waiting for you- it’s just a matter of finding it at the right time. A close friend of mine had a similar situation- they had put in a bid on a house that they were in love with- it was beautiful, and in a nice neighborhood. The sale fell through at the last minute, and they were crushed. A few months later, they found a great house, which was bigger than the other one, and had a much bigger yard. It also had an area that is kind of like an in-law suite, bedroom with it’s own attached bath, etc- it seemed like more than they would need at the time, but the price was right and the house was lovely, so they bought it. 6 mos later her dad needed to move in with them- something that they would have never anticipated when they bought the house. They were so thankful to have that extra room for him- something that wouldn’t have been as easy in that first house.
Sorry to run on- but I wanted to share that story with you- things happen for a reason- hopefully that perfect house will show up for you soon!!

When we moved back here to our home state we looked at about 30 homes. Then we fell in love with an older home that reminded us of the “brady bunch” style of house! It had so much charm…but it also had a water line on the wall in the basement about three feet UP from the floor. Plus it would have needed a LOT of work to bring it up to our standards…so we passed on it since the seller would not come down in price.

Then a few blocks away we did find our house!! It was less expensive and was up to date and all ready for us to move right in!! It needed NO work done. I am so glad I did not get the first house afterall.

So hang in there…keep looking and you will find your home. :smiley:

Jessica, I know how you feel. we have been very actively looking for the last week and are preapproved for a loan. we made an offer yesterday, and made a higher one today. we were just notified that the selling agent and the seller agreed to let our realtor disclose the other high offer, which is the same as ours. that tells us that the seller wants to start a bidding war. our realtor suggests we go $3K higher. we’re about to sign offer papers this morning. we’re trying very hard not to fall in love with the house but everything about it is perfect for us. we know there will be others for sale but our absolute maximum buying price is kind of low for the areas we want, so… this is exciting and a terrible bummer at the same time.

Keep searching :heart: There’s lots of houses out there waiting! :wink:

Is there a certain area where you would like to move to?

Well, I work in Waterloo and my husband works in Iowa Falls (Iowa) so we want to find somewhere in between, not to far off of the main highway but still out in the middle of nowhere. 3+ bedroom, 1+ bath, full basement finished or not, 2+ acres of land, not right on a busy main road, outbuildings a plus, max price $114K.

Here’s the house that was crap inside. Notice only pics of the inside is the kitchen which wasn’t to bad…

Death mold house

I’m really surprised at the price given the condition of the house. That price must be primarily acreage? A home inspector would suggest some fairly significant cleanup of such a place on the part of the seller before sale. And if the mold is that bad, the house is likely uninhabitable unless stripped to the beams and redone.

You’ll find a home, and you’ll find it when you least expect it. Just don’t give up hope, and please don’t settle for something less than what you want! :heart: :heart:

When we bought our house 12 years ago, my husband announced that his next house will be six feet long and six feet under!

Hang in there and the right thing will come along!

They are never going to get that kind of money for it, the land in that area is only worth 20K, more for the outbuildings. But the house is crap. I’m surprised the realtor is even showing it in that condition. There were empty beer cans and cigarettes butts all over. When we sold our house we had a professional cleaning person go through, washed all the walls and steam cleaned the carpets, and we didn’t have a dirty house!

BTW, if they’d take our offer to buy the land at the right price we would donate the house to the fire dept to burn down and put up a new house. But I think their heads are to far up their…

I know a very nice little House in a nice quiet neighborhood

I am going INSANE trying to sell it
and I cannot buy anything HERE without selling it THERE

I feel your pain


You will find the right house. Trust me. We searched for the longest time for our house. We found one that we fell in love with. It had a huge fireplace, a pool, the right number of bedrooms, a huge kitchen, a large garage and laundry room, a good neighborhood, a blank slate yard, and it was the right price. We went to view it four times and everytime we found one more thing we loved about the house. We put a bid on the house and the realtor then told us there was already a bid and it was probably going to close that week. ARG!!! After that every house didn’t measure up to the one we lost. Then we found this one. There is no pool and the kitchen isn’t as big as I want, but we love it. You will find a house.

We are putting in a offer today!!! It’s a 4 bedroom, 1 bath and a toilet in the basement, 1.5 stories. The kitchen is ok, weird cabinets, and the rooms downstairs are small, but the top floor totally makes up for it. It’s on 3.14 acres with tons of outbuildings, some of which are going to have to go. And it’s already set up for horses. It still needs a lot of work and I don’t know if they’ll go for what we are offering or our max as it’s way less then the list price. But you never know. We got pre-approved last week. :happydance:

:cheering: YEAHH keeping my fingers crossed for ya :happydance:

good luck and just try to keep your attitude positive…I was so worried that the house we just bought and moved into wouldn’t happen…it was literally down to the day before our scheduled closing before we knew it would defiantely happen! It all worked out for the best and we are really happy! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out just as well or better for you! :wink:

I am wishing for you! We are in an area where the average home price is $395k and the average salary is $35k. We’re teachers, so you can imagine where we live on the salary scale. And we moved here to get away from high housing prices in LA!! HA HA HA… Anyway, I feel your pain. We are renting the house we want to buy right now. I just love it and don’t want to ever leave it. We keep saying if the time comes we will find a way to buy it.

I hope you get exactly what you want. Finding a HOME to love and live in is so precious and everyone should have that. Keep us posted and GOOD LUCK!

I’m not feeling as confident as I was. We found out today as we wrote up the offer that the reality company that has the house now got it as a pity type deal from another company who had it for at least 6 months before. Meaning they got if from another company who couldn’t sell it and offered them some kind of deal if they took it over. And our realtor’s pissed because in the end he’s only going to be making 1% on this deal if it goes through. sigh I just don’t think they are willing to deal and I think they figure their house is worth more then it is. Yes, you’ve lived in the house for a good 8 years but you also haven’t kept it up nor did any updates. Our offer reflects an “as is” price, that place is going to take a lot of work to get it where it needs to be, and that’s not just us being picky. It is not move in condition.


How frustrating!

I’m sending positive vibes your way… :heart: :heart:

We’ll know what they come back at by 5pm tomorrow.