We adopted a cat!

My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting a pet for a long time, and since we moved in a bigger apartment 2 months ago we thought it was finally time! So we went to our local SPCA yesterday “just to look” and, of course, we couldn’t resist! :teehee: We adopted a 2 year old and very friendly female cat. The SPCA will sterilize her this morning, and we should be able to bring her back later today! :happydance:

We fell in love with her right away. :slight_smile: I hope she’ll be happy with us! :heart:

Congratulations!!! And yay for adopting an adult kitty who really needs a home. I think you’ll find that she is very happy and loving once she gets used to her new home. It may take her a little while to get comfortable, but just give her some space and she’ll settle right in. Those rescue cats (and dogs) seem to know and appreciate how lucky they are.
I do hope you post some photos when she gets home and settled in.

Awww…congrats!!! I :heart: people who adopt animals from shelters.

The cat will go through some adjustments, but I’m sure she’ll love you.

Have you picked out a name?

I can’t wait to see pictures!

BTW, I’m not allowed to go to animal shelters just to “look” because I always come back with another pet. :rofl:

Congratulations:cheering:!!! I’m sure your new cat will adjust and appreciate the home you’ve given her. Even though i have a dog as my avatar, we also have two cats and they are wonderful pets! And i second the others - don’t forget the photos:happydance:

Congratulations! BUT, me thinks that you’ll find that the cat has actually adopted you! LOL! They are quite funny and can be wonderful masters!

:yay: Congratulations!

Just a heads up - Show her her litterbox first thing… but we aware lot of cats get scared when being moved to new environments and new people, plus she just had surgery. Don’t be surprised if she just wants to hide for awhile, even a few days. Just talk softly to her and pet and hold her gently if she consents to it. I’ve had cats all my life and they always come around eventually. Just don’t want you to take it personally. :hug: And yes, we WILL need pictures!

Yay for adopting a kitty! I’m sure she will love her new home after she’s gotten adjusted to it. :slight_smile:

Aww…I love kitties! My DH and I love our two cats. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her company. And yes, we need pictures!!! :heart:

I’ll repeat the advice about giving your new kitty time to settle in - and be really patient if she’s not feeling well after the surgery. Give her a nice comfortable place to hide (as cats tend to do when they’re not feeling well) and be patient with her. But also don’t be surprised if she chooses what you would think of as an uncomfortable place for reasons known just to her. One of my kitties hid behind a bookcase for safety for a while.

She’s home! :happydance:

Thank you all for the advices, we kept that in mind when we brought her home last night. I’m more used to dogs than cats, so it’ll take me a while to get used to the “cat” way of doing things! :teehee:

Turns out, once they shaved her for the surgery, they saw she already had a scar, so they’re 99% sure she was sterilized already! I was very happy she didn’t have to go through surgery. A new environment is enough emotion for one day!

So we brought her home, we showed her the litter box and then we left her alone for a little while. But she was very curious, she was inspecting every corner of the house and found the food pretty quickly! :teehee: As some of you predicted she was avoiding us at first and hiding under the bed if we got too close, but just after an hour, she jumped on the couch, demanded to be petted [B]immediately[/B] and was purring really loud! :lol: I think she just forgot she was supposed to be scared of us. :teehee: After that, she claimed my boyfriend’s chair as hers and she spent the rest of the evening napping. Yup, she’s totally the boss of the house now. :teehee:

They gave her the name “Grizzle” at the SPCA, but we decided to change it to “Groseille” (French for gooseberry). It is pronounced something like… grow-zaye. She’s a little chubby, so we’ll need to keep her weight under control. That means I’ll need to train my boyfriend, who tends to spoil pets way too much! :teehee:

I’m so excited (can you tell?), we’ve been wanting a pet for SO LONG, I can’t believe we finally have one. :cheering:

Here’s a picture of my chubby little girl!

Ooh…she’s so pretty! :heart:

Your new “Boss” (I told ya so!) is just gorgeous…love that velvety coat! Thanks for the photo!

She’s beautiful and I love her new name. Fits that pretty girls much nicer. I’m so happy for you.

Oh, she’s gorgeous! Congratulations!

Aww!! She is soooo cute!

what a pretty kitty…I’m so glad she found a good home with someone to love her.

Aww! She’s beautiful and she looks so comfy on the chair. I know you and your boyfriend will have many years of love and happiness with this precious little (OK, chubby :slight_smile: ) kitty. I’m so glad you guys found her…

Love the gorgeous new kitteh and her new name. What a lucky girl she didn’t have to be put under for surgery! Ellie (mine) was also an adoption and she did have to be fixed, so she was wonky-legged for the first couple of days when I brought her home. She was all hyped-up on medicine, lol. :slight_smile:

As someone who had only had experience with dogs before getting a cat, it is [U]very[/U] true that the cat really owns you. I’ve had Ellie for just over a year now (she is about 2.5 yrs old) and I’ve basically been learning as I go along and asking my friends who have been cat people all their lives for advice.

Catster is a fun place for cat owners that you might want to check out. :slight_smile: The link in my signature that says “Ellie, my kitteh” will take you to Ellie’s Catster page that I have made for her. Other than that, enjoy your new fur baby–she will be loving you both for many years to come. :slight_smile:

Awww! I’m glad she warmed up really quickly! She’s adorable!

If your boyfriend (or you) likes to give treats make sure you give Groseille kitty treats. There are just too many things that are dangerous for pets.
And um… this needs to be said because this is after all a knitting forum… Yarn or string is [I]bad[/I] for cats. I know some people let their cats play with it, but there are safer toys. My daughter’s cat was very sick and that is the first thing the vet asked about and told us to keep it locked up.

Oooh, she’s such a pretty kitty! :slight_smile: