Ways to attatch buttons?

So far all I have done to attach buttons is simply to sew them on with needle and thread. I was wondering if any of you know of a way to actually knit them into the fabric. I am making a pouch for my knitting notes comp book, and would like the button (two hole button) to be knit into the fabric if possible. I couldn’t think of a way to do that on my own, so KH forum is possibly my only hope.

Any suggestions?

The holes in the button I want to use aren’t big enough to pull both strands of the two separate yarns I am knitting together with.

If knitting it into the fabric isn’t possible, I would gladly entertain other techniques.

Please be as specific as possible, and provide a link to further information on the tech IF possible.


You can crochet buttons, so I suppose you could knit them too.

What I do is use a regular button, and sew it with the same yarn I knit the item with, unplied so it’s thinner. Works very well.

I’ve never heard of knitting a button on. Maybe you could do something like the way they knit a bead onto something. But I’m not so sure it would work well. Do a search on how to knit with beads and see if it seems like it would work. :??

I sewed my buttons on with sewing thread for years. Seems to work, but now I usually use the same yarn I knit with unless it is too thick to work or too nubby or something. I have unplied yarn, like Sue says or cut of nubs. Some folks like to sew with embroidery floss.

Ahh, I’m getting Sue’s idea now. Maybe you could make a bobble or something of the sort to use for a button. I did that for one sweater. But I made them separately and sewed them on, but it seems like you could make a bobble right where you want it to use as a button.

If the un-plied yarn isn’t strong enough, you can use one strand of yarn & one of sewing thread. That is what I do. I like the look of the yarn. But prefer the strength of thread. Gives me the best of both worlds.

I did a search & found this pattern for bobble buttons. It is a baby sweater. But the technique should be the same.


thanks for all the advice. I figured out I was using the wrong search field on this site. did a search through the forum search and found a bunch of articles on this subject.