Ways of keeping track of knitting

I got this widget thingy…not really sure how it works yet but im supposed to put in how many yards i knit a day and it keeps track for me… I may be shocked as to how much i really do knit. I mean, i know i knit alot but it will be interesting to see how much. If I can figure out how to keep track of how many yards? It would be great to find something similar that I could just put in total yardage of project and then tell it when Im done. Oh well I may just do that with this thing.

You can do it by weight if you have a postal or baking scale. Grams are easier to work with than ounces. So weight the skein(s) before beginning and then after you’re through for the day and subtract the 2nd from the first. Let’s say it’s 20 grams. Go back to the label and divide the number of yards in the skein by the number of grams. That will give you how many yards per gram-- let’s say it’s sock yarn, 200 yards for 50 grams. Every gram would be 4 yards. So 20 grams times 4 yards would mean you’d knitted 80 yards that day.

Now that’s a good idea. I’ll work out some kind of spreadsheet to keep track for me… then my husband will add graphs and pie charts when I go over my yarn budget… again.

do you need to show your dh? :slight_smile:

with my dh and i…

I don’t ask how many comic books/collectible figures he buys and he doesn’t ask about my stashes… i can always tell when he wants to buy more because he takes me LYS hopping :slight_smile:

Note to self: buy postal scale.

Note to self: buy postal scale

thats exactly what i said when i read that :teehee:

I keep track of how many rows and how long it takes me to do them. If the pattern is easy I can do lots of rows but a complicated pattern is much slower because I will frogg and …:x::frog::guyknitting:knit frogg knit, lol!!!