Way to unravel stockinette a little?

So I’m making a shawl, and for the first 5 lines (of the shawl’s top) I used stockinette st instead of kkkkk. Is there a way to straighten this mistake so it isn’t as curled ? (it isn’t too bad, but it doesn’t fully show the pattern in the first 5 lines)

I’m not sure what you’re asking… you want a way to make it stop curling? Stockinette does curl without a border. Even with a border it can still fold over, but it’s worse if the border isn’t wide enough.

You can rip back to the error of course but it sounds like the mistake is in the initial rows. If you haven’t gone too far, you could do that. If you’re well along in the shawl and don’t want to rip back, you could put a thinner needle into the shawl at the first correct stockinette st row and cut off the mistaken rows. Then you would pick up holding needle and using the correct size needle, knit a new border in garter st (all knit rows).
As an alternaitive, if it wouldn’t spoil the line of the shawl, you could just pick up sts in your cast on row and knit the garter st rows. That way you would avoid having to cut off the stockinette rows that are in error.