Way OT: Sudoku

Has anyone played Sudoku??? Has anyone even HEARD of Sudoku?? It’s very addictive, and a lot of fun.

My parents play it and love it. They subscribe to some online version of it.

I know some people who are addicted to it. I don’t have time for another addiction!

Nah - never heard of it. Looks frustrating though :lol:

It is very addicting!! The newspaper here just started publishing one daily in the paper about a month ago. I have found on the internet websudoku.com…if you go there, you can choose the difficulty of the puzzle and work it right on line. You can even check your progress on the puzzle, once it is completely done (it even times you!).

And not to brag or anything, but…my 10 yr old grandson was up last week and he saw these puzzles while we were visiting his granny in the hospital. He completed a very easy, and also an easy one all by himself! I have to say, I was very impressed. I printed several off the computer for him that he took home to work on.

I’ve read they are quite the rage in Japan.


Thanks for the other web site Pat… I’ll definately check it out!!

BTW… Your grandson must be REALLY smart!! I had trouble getting the easy puzzles finished at first!!

:heart: I like to think he is! I was quite proud of him…he saw the puzzle while looking thru the paper, and I offered to explain it to him, which took one time and about 30 seconds…and he was off! He was so pleased w/himself, which made it even better!

pat, the impartial one…hahahahaha!

Oh wow! These are Latin Squares! We did stuff with them in my math class last semester. I, however, found them to be more frustrating than entertaining.

Math games forever!

I LOVE Sudoku!!! I even have a link for it posted on my blog :lol: I’ve tried a few different sites, but my favorite is this one. I love it b/c you can choose the level of play, mark mode, and you can even use the upper left corners of the squares for really small font numbers…to help you figure out any that have you stumped. That makes it a lot easier, I find. Thanks for the thread :thumbsup:

Edit: Whoops, that’s the same link :rollseyes: Guess it just goes to show you…it’s a good one :wink: