WAY OT-St. Valentine's Day (rant)

public valentine’s day is (mostly) for the kind of people who compare the size of their engagement rings.

or maybe I’m just cynical.

Okay, I’ll expose myself here (quick, hide the kiddies!). I’m 28 and I’ve never had a V-day with anyone. Never. It is really depressing. So to the very first poster, I read your thread and I know exactly what you mean. Even worse, cuz I feel like I’ve never had it, not even the love and lost deal, you know? I feel there is something very much wrong with me. Hmm, that’s likely true, but does there have to be a day to remind me? Hmph, like I’d forget.

If it makes you all feel any better, in Korea they have LOTS of days like this, not just one a year. You get to feel like this generally about once a month if you’re a youngin (like high school and college), but popular ones even for slightly older folks are:

Valentine’s Day - Feb. 14th Where girls give guys they admire chocolate
White Day - March 14th, Where guys give girls they admire non-chocolate candy.
Black Day - April 14th, Where the girls who gave guys chocolate on V-day but didn’t receive any in return on White Day are supposed to wear black and eat black bean noodles.

There are more, but those are the major ones. Geez, just shoot me.

One year, my granddad got my grandmother a mop for Valentine’s Day…

It’s just another day to me. I’m a very non-romantic, practical sort of person, so jewelry and chocolate don’t excite me in the least bit.

Oh! I have an idea! Let’s all post pics of our favorite yarn on Valentine’s Day!

I have been married for nearly nine years now, and quite frankly, Valentine’s Day and all the other big holidays have been hard for me because my DH just doesn’t celebrate them.

I know it’s not the same, but I agree with you that other’s can be naively insulting!

I look forward to these special days, including my birthday and Christmas, by trying to figure out some way to “save face.” Having an answer to the, “So what did your husband get you?”

I’ve learned that my husband does really love me, but he is so disorganized that way I highly doubt he will ever plan a gift. On occasion he has remember to stop by the convenience store or Tim Horton’s drive thru on the way home.

Its dumb, because during the year, he is very quick to tell me to buy stuff if he thinks it will make me happy. Case in point, he told me that the minute I felt we could afford it, I should buy myself all the Knit Pick Options I want. [His disorganization has other effects on our marriage too :doh:]

:hug: :hug: I am sorry that those around you are insensitive!