Way OT: coolest ipod holder ever!

Hi all

I usually resist posting other crafts on here but I think this is so great I just had to show you: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=131841.0
Scroll down to the end of the first post. She provides a tutorial link at the start of the post.

I just made my own version for a Nano (after three practice tries on three books that I wasn’t happy with). If anyone plans to make one too, reply to let me know and I’ll post the things I wish I’d known before starting.


That is DEFINITLY cool!!!

And we can use books to hide our stash yarn!! Ingy will have to buy a few encyclopedia sets :teehee:

PS: Here’s How

That is identical to the tute provided, just formatted differently. I advise you to have several spare blades for your knife and don’t hesitate to snap them off shorter to get a sharper tip the moment it snags! Also patience and care, this can take a long time and be very frustrating. Put it down and come back the next day, impatience will give you a bad edge. It’s also very helpful to clamp the book to a table (possibly clamping your metal ruler to the book in the right place). You’ll be tempted to set aside the ruler at some point where the sides look deep enough to guide your knife. Resist this temptation. I wanted the front cover to hold shut so my ipod won’t fall out, so I set aside only 1 or 2 pages at the start, and glued them both down later - so I can make a hole for the velcro strip, and the other half of the velcro will be glued to the inside cover. A book with endpapers really makes this look good.

SACRILEGE!!! Slicing up one of my very favorite books, and a beautiful hardcover one at that!

:verysad: :verysad: :verysad: :waah: :waah: :waah:

psammeadred runs upstairs to hug her beloved Lucy Maud Montgomery books and her antique book collection

:verysad: :verysad: :verysad: :waah: :waah: :waah:

If it didn’t involve taking a sharp instrument to my beloved tomes, I would think this was a cool idea. But other things would work in place of good books. For example, consider Reader’s Digest condensed books…if I had a nickel for every one of those I’ve seen at thrift and secondhand stores…

Oooooh, I just can’t go along with destroying a book. Looks like one of those “trying to defeat school rules so I don’t have to learn anything” kind of projects.

I hate to be the party pooper but I’m not sure I see the point–is it just b/c it doesn’t look like and ipod holder or what? :shrug:

I’m pretty happy w/ my ipod sock…

I want lots of protection for my widdle Nano. In a book that’s held closed with velcro or some other strap, I can be sure it’s safe in my bag - covered by something hard which won’t open. A sock just doesn’t give enough protection in a bag with other things. Although I was tempted by the excuse to design and knit something.
I love reading too - my book stash is bigger than my wool stash - and I agree that ideally, this would be made out of a book that was somehow ruined for reading, but undamaged for this purpose. But I don’t have any of those. Funny you should mention the Reader’s Digests - at the Sallies shop, there were literally hundreds of them, and one might have been my first choice had I not spotted a pile of nicely-bound Dickens books. But I don’t agree that it has to involve slicing up a favourite book or a good book, common sense would tell you to use one you don’t like, or one you obtain very cheap. But a Reader’s Digest wouldn’t fit even my Nano with much room for headphones.
Another piece of sacrilege for a book-lover - I despise Dickens! Made the carving slightly more satisfying, I think.

I think a hollowed out book is a great thing to have, especially for valuables, cash, etc. Thanks for the tut link!

But for your iPods, an iFrogz case is the best case you can buy. I’ve had my nano for well over a year and it doesn’t have a single scratch on it because of my iFrogz. :slight_smile:

I think it is a really good idea!!!So many kids drop there ipods :!!!: and break them.And I agree with using the book you hate the most!!! :whistle:

I owuldn’t suggest using a book that you LOOOOOOVE. The reader’s digest tip was a good one, thanks for that, psammeadred.

I was thinking too, that I would hate to just cut up one of my books… I would want the cover to look nice thought, so buying a used/crappy book at a yard sale, recovering it (with paper or whatever) to make it pretty, and THEN covering it up would be fun I think… you could decoupage the cover, too!

Those ifrogz are pretty cool, Sil!!! Now I need an ipod…

I get the protection thing–I guess I just take it easy on my ipod or something b/c I only use a sock and I’ve had it for two years. It has no scratches and works perfectly well (I don’t think I’m particularly careful but maybe I am).

That said–it is creative.

Hmmm…interesting idea. I can’t imagine lugging my Nano around in that though. Wouldn’t it be funny if I brought that to the gym :roflhard:

I have a couple different protective cases for my Nano and they all work fine. I’ve had it for 2 years now. :slight_smile:

Well I am paranoid, my nano will be going in my book in a silicon protective case that covers the wheel and I’ll add a screen cover too. I like my phones to be pristine and unscratched, guess i’m equally paranoid about the ipod. Another thought - ipods are targets for theft, but few people would open an old-looking book to see the ipod, or want to steal the book. In fact, if it were lost, it might still be where you left it when you went back, or handed in to lost and found, where it wouldn’t be in a standard case. The only potential problem is overheating with the book insulating the ipod - I’ll ask tech support (my genius friend).
I don’t want to have to be too careful about mine, but it must remain in perfect condition! And it keeps everything together - e.g. headphones and radio transmitter if you want. I think I’ll put foam in mine, the first one’s going to my mate.