Way OT--But so cool!

Someone just sent me this and it really is amazing!

Way WAY cool! :slight_smile:

very cool, I would love someone explain to me how this actually works. I love things like this, it helps keep you open minded.

in best stoner voice

Duuuuuuuude, that’s, like, totally freakin me out man! :shock:

(definitely not something to do when you have a migraine…ouch) rubs her forehead

You’re right…amazing!

The pink dots leave an after-image in your eyes - like when you stare at something dark for a little while and then you look away and things look lighter than usual.

The “dot” that moves around is actually just a pink dot disappearing, and you’re left with the after-image of the pink dot on your eyes, and since green is the color opposite from pink, it appears to be green.

:shock: WOW, that is cool!! I’m sending that to Sheldon, he’ll appreciate it.

CRAAAAZY… :sunglasses:

:notworthy: Thank you for the explanation!! It makes perfect sense.

Attention–Another genius in our midst!!

Whoa! I even saw green dots after I closed the window :shock:

That’s fantastic Ingrid! Glad you posted it!

:roflhard: I’m so totally thinking of Cheech and Chong reading that!

Really cool, dude :thumbsup: :rofling:


WHOA! That was cool! :shock:

That is neat! I’m just glad that nothing popped up to scare me!

That’s really neat! It reminds me of a time when I was camping with my kids and one of the outhouses had a green, wavy, plastic roof on them. When you came out of the restroom everything was pink!! Like looking at the world through rose colored glasses! :cheering:

Very cool!!! :cheering:

That was so much FUN! Of course my pessimistic side (the one my DH drilled into me about computer hackers) wondered if while I was enjoying myself something was being downloaded onto my computer! Isn’t that AWFUL!