Wax on... wax off... or cast on cast off

I’ve been knitting for several years now, self taught with a very good friend using this site and others making loads of mistakes along the way. aka learning :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I don’t get is how to make a cast off that looks the same as your cast on. The only one that looks the same is a long tail cast on. If I knit on, use a German cast on, cable cast on, or any other for that matter the cast off edge always looks a long tail cast off. Is there such a thing as, for instance, a German cast off? I always end up having to make an edging unless it’s just a triangular wrap because I’m so bothered by the difference between the appearance of the cast on and cast off edges.

I’ve done all sorts of searching, here and at raverly, as well just plain googling and must be using the wrong terminology 'cause I come up bupkis.

Have I explained myself sufficiently? I hope so. Thank you for any input.

There’s a sewn BO that may match, I don’t have a link to it.

Here’s some ideas! :thumbsup:

Oooh, awesome, thank you very much. :muah: Dunno how I missed it. Then again I don’t know how surfing for seemingly innocuous words finds porn. :teehee:

:lol: So True!

Finding stuff is sometimes all in the search terms you use. I used “matching cast on to cast off”.

If I really want a bind off to match my cast on; I use a provisional cast on and then bind off both ends.

I don’t have a response to your question, but I think it’s a good one. I’ve noticed that too. I mostly do a long-tail cast on anyway, but even so, the bind off doesn’t match exactly. I think it’s most noticable on scarves. I’ve never really thought that there could be a resolution to this. That just the way it is.