Wavy scarf pattern

Hi, all! I’m a first time poster. I saw a scarf in a Target ad that I’d like to try to duplicate. Is it permissable to ask if anyone can suggest a pattern? It reminds me of an afgan stitch I remember seeing years ago. Here’s a link to Target’s website showing what the scarf looks like. http://www.target.com/Mossimo-Multi-Stripe-Scarf/dp/B001CCPNMU/sr=1-12/qid=1228706508/ref=sr_1_12/180-4250093-1101709?ie=UTF8&index=target&rh=k%3Ascarf&page=1

(It’s not a great picture- it looked really nice in the ad.)


:?? I can’t get the image to work. Can you post the link again?

Sorry, try this one. You can click on zoom for a better look. And thanks for replying!


This one is crocheted, but I think it looks somewhat similar:


This one is somewhat similar if you change colors and get rid of the pompoms:

If you want the ripply zig-zag shape but don’t need it to be quite as pointy, you can also try the Old Shale (also called Feather and Fan) stitch. There’s a pattern on page 15 of this issue of MenKnit.


Hope that helps!

It’s a chevron or ripple scarf with rev stockinette rows. The basic pattern would be like this one - http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/afripple.htm except about 4 rows of stockinette and 4 rows of reverse stockinette.

Wow, thanks! How did you find those so fast?! I wasn’t able to view the ones from the Ravelry site. Guess I’ll have to request an invite! But I really like the Feather and Fan stitch. It’s really pretty!

Yes, I thought it looked like an afgan pattern! Thanks!

Yeah, I’ve been working on trying to do this one for a blanket in one color and just not liking how it’s turning out. I’m trying to avoid kfb increases, but the others just aren’t working. I may give this another go…

I went on to Ravelry and searched around using terms like “ripple scarf” and “zigzag scarf” and then I just googled the terms and found the third one.

I tried to find if there were direct links to the ravelry ones. The knitted one is apparently sold in LYSs, but you can get to the crocheted one here:


It’s called “Spring Ripple Scarf” and you can download the pattern for $1.99

Feather and Fan is a really nice stitch though. I am using it to make a baby blanket and I’ve got it pretty well memorized, so I can PM it to you, or I’m sure you can find it on line somewhere. I don’t believe it’s copyrighted since it’s such an old stitch…

Here is a scarf I made in a wave pattern, but it goes long ways instead of across the short side of the scarf. In that article there is a link to the pattern which I also demonstrated in a video for Merryknitter.