Wavy Lace Wrap

It’ done. I like it.

(Sorry about the photo quality.)

Oh, that’s very pretty. The ends add a nice touch. Great job! :cheering:

:notworthy: Beautiful job! :notworthy:

OH, that’s beautiful!! Do you mind sharing the pattern?


Very pretty
I keep being drawn to that kind of color, but I never wear it so i never get it
looks great on you


That looks like a beautiful pattern. It must have taken a long time to finish!

Wonderful job! :cheering:

Stunning! :heart:

I like it too! :heart:


Yay Susan!

I am on my third one so far. This one I am making for the school fundraiser. I am going to put a different end on it though, just for grins. It’s beautiful!

That’s very pretty!! :heart:

Beautiful work, and I love the color! :cheering:

Thank you all for your compliments :muah:

Here is a link to the pattern:

It is fun and interesting yet relaxing because it is such a long project. I took several breaks to knit other projects while doing Wavy. That way, it always was fun to come back to.

The pattern does not include info about yarn, needles, or gauge. So, I picked a yarn I liked and followed the needle recommendation on the yarn band. The gauge is not important since it doesn’t have to fit. I bought a few balls of yarn and once I used up a ball, I measure to see how far I got and did the math to learn how much more yarn I would need, adding extra for the end borders. I used Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL in Cognac colorway. Here is a link where you can read the stats on the yarn: http://www.fuzzymabel.com/yarn/lavold/el_classical.shtml

The yarn was awesome to knit BTW, and I did felted joins all along the way so I had very few ends to weave. http://knittinghelp.com/knitting/basic_techniques/misc.php

Thanks to Carmen for this lovely pattern link!!

You should definately like it! Me likes it too!! :blooby:

GORGEOUS! I love the color you chose, too! :cheering:

That’s so lovely!

Pretty …GReat job :cheering:

Did you block yours? I have done two now, on my third. I haven’t bothered to block. But I am thinking about blocking this one and wondering if you did it.