Wavy Boxes Baby Blanket--pattern error?

Has anyone knit this blanket and confirm that that pattern is correct?

I’m a little confused about row 3 and row 4. Are they are both the same as row 2? Or should row 3 be the same as 1 and 2 and 4 the same?

okay that pattern made me laugh just because that is a silly instruction. i would bet you are just repeating 1 and 2.


I am working on that pattern too… and yes, I did row 1 & 2 again, not 3 and 4. I just assumed it was a typo based on the rest of the pattern. :slight_smile:

it knits up nice… except when you drop a bunch of darn stitches off your needles and have to frog the whole thing. :frowning:

I am knitting that same pattern, and couldn’t figure why my blalnket doesn’t look like the picture; I am knitting rows2,3 and 4 all the same. But I am too far along to FROG it. What are you going to do?

Luckily I caught the problem early–just after the border and before I started knitting the repeats. I guess you could either frog–uggh–or make the pattern as is and call it something new.

My Favorite Mistake Blanket
Really Wavy Boxes
Blue on Row Two

Anyone have another idea?

It’s still going to keep the baby warm no matter if you use the as-is or the “intended” pattern!

Let us know how it turns out. BTW–I’m using two strands of Bernat Softee Baby held together on #8 needles. It’s making a very dense blanket, but it should be warm! What did you choose to use?

I am using Bernat Baby Coordinates, a double strand. I already used up two balls of yarn, and found I was spending more time untangling than knitting, so I got smart with the second set of two balls - I put each ball in a separate plastic bag inside my knitting tote and so far no problems, other than the wavy boxes. I am using size 10.5 needles and find I am getting bored so I am on another project until my enthusiasm returns for the blanket. The baby isn’t due until February so I have some time. Do you have any ideas for baby hats that you have made with less confusing directions?

I downloaded the pattern from Knitting Pattern Central.com. I am about half way through with this blanket. I decided to make a smaller blanket so started with 114 cast ons. I followed the pattern exactly as it stated and so far it is turning out with no hitches except one. My pattern did not state to use two strands of yarn so it is turning out with a more open weave. Reading some of your replies, should I be using two strands?