Waves cable

I’m trying to knit this cable pattern, and it’s so tight on the needles
that I’m about to give up.


It looks pretty, but, slipping twelve sts to the cable needle is a bit
much to do, plus, it leaves a huge hole.

Does anyone have a nice cable pattern, one that uses less sts on the cable needle?

That’s a fine looking scarf for sure! I’m trying to produce [COLOR=“Magenta”]Silvers revesible scarf[/COLOR] (a thread in it’s self lol)

Her scarf has shorter cables 4 st. You might check it out.

I tried the waves pattern too, but with the wrong yarn :waah:

I think I will try it again but it has to be a bulky yarn and knit fairly loosely I think to work out right. I thought I had paid attention to the gauge but obviously didn’t …my fault.

I do love the look of the sample given so as soon as I have a couple of pieces finished, I will shop for the [U][B]right[/B] [/U]yarn

I’m doing silver’s reversible scarf right now for a Christmas gift - but I want to do one like that wave one for me soon.

I recently finished the cabled dog sweater on Knitty - it uses a similar all over cable though it isn’t reversible and is only 2 stitches being moved to the cable needle so it’s not so tight. I’m a little bit concrened about cableing so many stitches as called for in the wave scarf. Not sure what yarn will be best, I want something really really soft. I think bigger needles then called for might help, too.

Hoping, too, to hear from someone else who has made a similar scarf.

I can’t link to silver’s, for some reason. where might I find it?

I don’t think there IS a right yarn! putting 12 stitches on a cable needle is a bit much. I’d love to know if anyone has actually succeeded in making this sweater. And, how they did that!
It got so tight on my needles that I gave up.

Here ya go - http://www.cometosilver.com/patterns/palindrome.htm

That was my problem, so MANY stitches for a cable!! It became too tight. And, the hole that’s typical of cable patts was pretty big.

It’s a pretty pattern, but, I’m wondering what the trick is? Like you said, soft yarn sounds like the answer.

Oooo! Very nice! What does C8F mean? Cable 8 front?

That looks a lot easier than this stupid waves scarf.
Is it easy to make?:slight_smile:

Yes, a cable over 8 sts; put 4 on the cable needle, hold in front.

Just checking back to see if anyone has had any success with the Waves Scarf pattern yet.

I’ve found these 2 similar - they don’t cable as wide as the wave does. I’m test-swatching each and they are both looking nice.


I guess I will take some more time to swatch the Waves pattern before I decide which to use. If I end up doing the Wave, I don’t think I’lll make it as wide as they have it - it looks more like a shaw then a scarf.

I love the Wave scarf…but seeing as how the Palindrome scarf itself with only 4 cables to the front is coming out pretty tight…I think I’ll stick with that one. Cables aren’t tough to do, but they sure do get tight fast.

Yah, these huge cables are waaaay tough on the hands. Started it last year, put it down even tho’ I’m almost done with mine - it’s all in storage right now as I just moved. I’ll get full action shots once it’s done.

Yarn: Moda Dea’s Tweedle Dea, bulky, acrylic/wool blend
Needles: US 15

I think I went up a few sizes in the needles, to get a much more pliable fabric - and to actually be able to do the dang cables. This turned it into a wrap, which I’m cool with.

I think this would be amazing in a mohair on really big needles - airy, you know? And way easier in the cabling department.