Hi! So I’m trying to knit my first sweater, and the patterns calls for a wave stitch and it says the following “k2tog, but don’t slip the stitches off the needle, knit the first stitch and slip the stitches. k1” Does this mean I should k1, slip one, then k1? Or do I knit 2 together and then make a new stitch somehow? Any clarification would be very helpful! Thank you!!!

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help. Do exactly as it says:

[B]k2tog, but don’t slip the stitches off the needle,[/B] leave both stitches on the left needle and [B]knit the first stitch [/B]then you will [B]slip the stitches[/B]. after that, [B]k1.[/B]

By slip the stitches I am assuming it means to move them off the left needle.

A link to your pattern would be helpful.

Ohh ok, thank you! The sweater pattern can be found here http://www.pickles.no/baggy-wave-sweater/
Thanks again for the help!

That’s a cute sweater. Did you get the wave stitch to work? I looked at youtube but didn’t see anything exactly like what you’re doing, though there were some similar things.

I tried youtube too and didn’t find much either- just tried the stitch and it seems to be working!

I saw the same instruction in a hat pattern and couldn’t make heads or tails of it either. It seems like the two stitches that are knit together would just hang out in space never to be seen (or knitted) again. But I hadn’t tried it yet and figured it might make more sense if I could see it in yarn instead of words. In the case of the hat, they were calling it a “right twist” and it was supposed to make something that looked like a mini cable.

Aha! I found the link: http://www.strickmasche.de/caramel-cable-hat/

And the instructions read like this:

Right Twist
For the small cable, only two stitches are crossed, like this:
K2tog, but do not slip the stitches from the left needel; insert right needle tip betwwen the two stitches just worked and knit the first stitch again, [B]slip both stitches off the left needle[/B].
In the pattern, Right Twist is abbreviated as “RT“.

The part I didn’t get was “slip them to WHERE?” Normally I’d assume “slip” meant move them from the LH needle to the RH needle. But if you’ve knit the first stitch a second time, one of them is already ON the RH needle. So the logistics escape me. At least until I try it. Maybe that will make it clearer.

The ‘slip both sts off needle’ is an unnecessary instruction, you don’t really slip them to the other needle or anywhere. It means to drop or let the stitch off the needle just like when you’re done knitting a stitch because now you’re done with both of them.

So… it’s sort of like a k2tog with an extra loop attached then?

I’m sure this will make more sense after I try it.

The twist stitch is k2tog, leave on needle (instead of slipping off like normal) then knit into the first stitch only. That makes the twist and you’re done with those 2 sts.

I don’t care for this method of doing a twist stitch, it’s not as defined as if you knit into the second stitch first (from the front of your work) then into the first stitch. A RT may be a little easier to do the ktog/k, but the other way gets easier with practice. Try this both ways and see which you prefer.

I [I]think[/I] I’ve seen the method you’re describing, but I’m not sure. Is this that scary thing you do when you take both stitches off then put the rightmost one back on first? Seems like I’ve seen it done where you knit that stitch while the other one is still sitting out in space (live) before putting the (originally) leftmost stitch back on and knitting that one. Seems like I also saw it done where you take both stitches off and put them back on reversed from where they started and then knit them. Not sure if this is the same thing you’re talking about, but it was a little unnerving to watch.

Actually, this is what I think I was thinking of:

May or may not be the same thing.

You don’t have to take the stitches off - just knit into the 2nd one first, then the one on the end. It can be done by taking off only the first one, hold it in back and knit the next one, then knit the first one. As long as you don’t stretch your needles apart, that stitch won’t drop, and you can steady it against your left needle with a finger while you knit the other stitch. You can take both off and rearrange them, but it’s not necessary and it’s a lot less risky with just 2 sts.