Wave Stitch?

I am knitting a wrap that uses a wave pattern. It is a 5 stitch pattern. the directions state to stitch & wrap 2 & complete, then stitch & wrap 3, st & wr 4, st & wr 3, st & wr 2.

does this simply mean enter stitch as if to knit & then just wrap the yarn 2, 3 or four times instead of once?

also, when i knit the next row, do i just knit into the main connecting stitch, letting the extra wraps flow?

That’s right, you would go into the stitch, wrap however many times the pattern directs you, and pull them through. On the next row, just knit into the first loop, and let all the other wraps slip off. You are making an elongated stitch, and Amy has a few videos here if you need some help.

You don’t even need to count: just drop off the wraps, but knit all the real stitches.