Waterlily KAL

Not too long ago, feministmama posted this thread about the waterlily top from Interweave Knits Spring 2006 magazine. I immediately headed to my LYS to find the magazine and look at the pattern, and then looked up the yarn on the internet, only to discover the disappointing price tag of nearly US$27/hank. Not to let that get to me, I trolled around eBay, finally discovering this yarn from this seller, which is sold in groups of three and in many different colors. I bought some in red, and received it on Saturday.

From all the interest when the original thread was posted, I thought there might be enough people interested in a KAL for this top. More people may be interested with the link to that eBay seller (I hope). This will be my most ambitious project to date: the first on circular needles actually knit in the round, the first project with sleeve shaping, hell, my first sweater of any kind, the first yarn that I need a swift (or a patient partner) to help me wind it into a ball, the first project with a provisional cast-on, etc. There are many other firsts in this project. I’d love some company.

Any takers? :pray: :notworthy:

That was meeeee! Yes I would love to knit waterLily. THe thing is I don’t like ribbon yarn. It’s not yarn it’s ribbon! Just my .02. So I found a bulky cotten verigated that I’m gonna use instead. I can’t find my #11 circle needles so I been kinda waitin till I clean my room adn maybe I’ll find them to start :shock: But [size=6]YES[/size] I would love to do this as a KAL. ANyone else?

I found the original thread and linked to it, and gave you credit, as well. I’ve never knit with ribbon yarn before, but I was worried about using a non-ribbon yarn in stockinette because of the curling at the bottom (it doesn’t look like the ribbon had that problem). I still have to wind the yarn I got into balls, so I need at least a week before the cast-on. I just want some company. Glad to know I have at least one taker! :happydance:

Hi - I’m not planning on making this top - although it is really nice … I just thought I would let you know - this yarn is available in the UK for £6.95 (approx $12.20) a ball. Maybe the international postage from this seller wouldn’t be too bad! http://www.cucumberpatch.co.uk/giotto.htm

Good luck.

I cast on! I’m on the first purl row! :happydance: :XX:


sounds like fun! :XX:

All of the colinette yarns are to die for but unless I can get it cheaper…I just don’t buy it. I do have a daughter who lived in Ireland and one of her friends will buy it for me (orders directly from the company) and then my daughter will bring it back or the friend will bring it when he comes. I don’t know if a distributer is allowed to mail it from the UK (agreements with company etc.) …has anyone tried?

eBay eBay eBay. That’s all I have to say about that. There are lots of sellers on eBay who are selling colinette for cheaper than $26. I ended up getting the yarn I got for $7/skein with shipping calculated in. That’s about my current limit for buying yarn, until I see whether this knitting habit continues past when I graduate high school.

Well I’m at the Oregon Coast right now with my mum and my son and his dad. We’re going to Devil’s punchbowl to climb on some rocks. We’ll be back home tomorrow where I have now gathered all the needles to make this lovely shirt. I will have to get some more yarn. It is discontinued but a seller on eBay has more. SO i should order when I get back so by the time I’m almost out, more will show up at my door. I’m using a bulky verigated cotton called…um…lesse what was it again? :??

Here it is. THe seller is toadal and here is a link


I’m so excited! I’ll take a picture of my progress today.

Waterlily progress

I love, love, love that top, but was put off by the cost of the yarn. Feminist, how was it that you chose that particular yarn? Aylaane, looks like yours is going to be really pretty. Can’t wait to see it when it is done!

Aylaane, how may lots did you buy? None of the pictures come up, so I am curious as to how many yards per skein there are and how many of this yarn I would need… Thanks!

I just got one lot of three skeins. My LYS owner told me that when substituting yarn, weight was more important than yardage, so I got three 100g skeins. Because it’s a varigated yarn, I’m not worried about dye lot if I have to buy more. There is no dye lot stamped on the tag.

It looks like the image server is down for the yarn I bought, so I took a picture of my last unwound hank to show you. I took the picture of my progress when I was switching skeins.

I got a bunch of it on sale at WEBS. It is cotton though, not ribbon so it may not turn out so good. I’ve started it but I’m at work so have to wait till I get home with my camera to take pictures.

oooh, I can’t WAIT to see pictures!

Well I didn’t get that far but its a start.

Feminist - I am dying to see it when you get it done, to see how it looks in the cotton. I really want to knit this, but I also am not a ribbon yarn fan. I have been looking at some of my other bulky yarn choices… maybe one of the bulky yarns from KP. I just don’t know. :shock: Too many choices out there. :wink:

Anyone else done with their top yet???

I kinda don’t like knitting with this yarn on big needles. Maybe I need to modify and use smaller needles, like 11 or something. It’s coming out kinda loose. I’ll definatly have to wear something undeath this so I don’t scare people :rollseyes: