Waterfall Scarf from One-Skein Wonders Binding Off HELP

I am unclear on these instructions.

[I]*Bind off 2 stitches. Enlarge the loop on the R needle and pull remaining ball of yarn thru the loop and pull up to close. This makes 3 bound off stitches. Knit the next stitch. Repeat from *, ending by binding off 3 stitches. Pull the yarn thru the last loop.[/I]

[I]Finishing. Remove needle from live stitches. encourage the live stitches to drop the entire length of the scarf.[/I]

I have followed the bind off instructions (2xs-once after pulling yarn thru loop leaving that loop off the needle), but there is never any live stitches to encourage to drop for the waterfall effect.

Help anyone…

You bind off the first 3. The next stitch that you knit will be the one that’s left ‘live.’ Then you bind off the next 3 after that, k1 that gets left live, etc.

for that project. Not that I’ve started, but one of these days…


I just bought this book and I’m having trouble with the instructions for a scarf. Row 2 just does not seem right. Can anyone point me to any help or possible error lists?