Water Bottle Patterns?

I’m back on the “healthy eating/losing weight” bandwagon, as I’m sure many others are :smiley:

I have this bottle I like to keep on my desk that I put water and ice in. It’s a little fatter than a regualr water bottle but the issue is that it’s not insulated and it sweats everywhere. Does anyone have/know of a pattern I can use to knit something for this? I found one online but it was fair isle and I’m not wanting to spend that much time on it… :smiley:

Thanks in advance

This one is for a 12 oz bottle, but should be easily altered to fit a bigger bottle.

BTW… I am on the bandwagon…joined WW again last week. :wink:

There are a few on my site (see my signature). Miscellaneous -> Cozies

thanks guys~