Watching the online videos

Does anyone else have a hard time watching the help videos. I don’t seem to have this problem on any other site so I am not sure if it is my computer. It seems to have a hard time buffering and it plays and stops periodically. Hope someone has advise. Thx

Hi, we’ve had this problem a few times in the past. If you refresh the page and play the video again, it should fix itself.

I’ll let KK and Amy know; they’ll be able to take a look.

have you tried the direct links?

I can’t watch any of the videos :frowning: . I use firefox and whenever I click to watch a video, it never finishes loading and then crashes firefox. Don’t have that problem with any other site.

hmmm… i’ve never had a problem and i use firefox at home and ie at work.

Maybe you can try to save the video and then watch it off of your hard drive.

When you click on the icon for the video, a new window opens up. At the bottom of the window, there’s a “direct link to video” link. try saving from there and see if that helps…

I use Netscape. I’ve had this problem, too…that’s why I finally bought the video on CD.

We’ve discovered that the ad-blocking feature, at least in Firefox, can make weird things happen, including allowing the video window to open, and even allow the audio to play, but not the visual. It was doing that for me. The solution is to disable ad-blocking while here. In Firefox, go to Tools/Adblock/Preferences and un-check the Enable Adblock box. You can try the same thing in other browsers.

Let me know if disabling ad-block works or doesn’t work for any of you! And if there are specific videos that still act up, let me know the names of a few of them and what is happening when you try to play them.

Thanks! And if any further solutions come up, I’ll let y’all know.

All the videos take forever to load for me so I’ve given up on watching them :rollseyes: Stupid dialup.

I know that pain… :wink:

I couldn’t watch them on dialup, so I downloaded them…they come through perfectly that way (for me, at least). At work I’ve used the DSL to watch them, and they are great…I think it has a lot to do with the speed of the connection - dialup vs. DSL.

See if you can’t download them and watch them that way. :wink: